ChitChatter: Solange Shares Scoop On Her Boo Thang, Julez’s Rap Aspirations And Raising Him Like A Big Bro To Blue Ivy

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Solange marriage to Daniel Smith

On How Her Failed Marriage Brought Her Closer To Beyoncé:

Knowles met Julez’s father, Daniel Smith, now a college-football coach, when she was 13 and he was 16. Though Solange, 26, and Beyoncé, 31, are five years apart, they became “super-duper close,” she says, after Solange got pregnant at 17, married Smith, and followed him to Idaho, where he was attending college. Being a mom, she says, “was always chill and easy for me.” But “marriage is a whole ’nother ball game.” She was divorced by the time she was 21. It was a time “when you really, really need your sister. Every time there was drama and I was all the way in Idaho, it was nice to be able to call. Now it’s kind of a reversal, with her getting married and having a baby after me.”

Idaho? Did we miss the memo about Solo living in Idaho? Sounds cray, but we’re glad Bey was able to put her international domination on the backburner to help out her baby sis.

And speaking of babies, Solo talks Blue Ivy when you continue…

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