Stay Away: Women Most Men Don’t Want To Chop Down Even Though They’re Sorta Bangers

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Women Who Wouldn’t Get It Despite Good Looks

Men are simple creatures. All they needs are some thick cakes and a tig ol’ bitties in front of their faces and a woman has stolen their hearts. But some women are just so full of drama, sloriness and insanity that most men would at-best be hesitant to give them the business. And for some of these women, men wouldn’t even want them at all even if they’re easy on the eyes.

Superhead – It’d be like throwing a cocktail weenie out of an airplane window to get with her. Just too many rapper peen in her system.

Pamela Anderson – She has Hep B so…ew.

Kelis – She’s still a looker…but dammit if she isn’t batsh** insane and a gold digger.

Lindsay Lohan – If you shave down that outer layer of last night’s booze and coke casings then she’s still attractive. But man oh man she might steal your wallet.

Stacey Dash – It’s hard to pass her up, but we can’t help it with all that Romney talk. Ugh, just stop.

Sarah Palin – We’re not that into MILFs.

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    Nicki Minaj – She gets more and more uhf***able with every rant and made-up feud.

    Fergie – Man she could be so hot, but something is off.Maybe it’s the peeing on herself thing.

    Karrueche – She’ll be running after Breezy for the next 40 years…might as well give it up trying to get with her smh.

    Vivica A. Fox – She’s a little older and a lot crazier. So it’s kind of a loss at this point.

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