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Let Joe tell it, ol’ girl was ALWAYS open for business just like Waffle House


In his first personal response to a sexual harassment claim, Waffle House CEO Joe W. Rogers on Tuesday issued a statement acknowledging that he had sexual encounters with a personal employee over an eight-year period but maintaining that the acts were consensual.

“I am a victim of my own stupidity, but I am not going to be a victim of a crime — extortion,” Rogers said in a written statement distributed by his attorney.

The employee, whose name is being withheld because she is an alleged victim of sexual harassment, has accused Rogers of fondling her and routinely forcing her to perform sexual acts on him starting in 2003. The woman claimed she was forced to put up with the behavior because she could not afford to quit her job. She quit in June after her son went to college on a full scholarship, according to an incident report that the woman filed Sept. 28 at the Atlanta Police Department.

Rogers disputed those claims in his written statement while at the same time apologizing for the pain that the “infrequent consensual sexual encounters” had caused his wife and family. At a hearing in Cobb County Superior Court on Tuesday, Rogers and his wife, Fran, sat side-by-side dressed in dark business suits, flanked by three attorneys and a private investigator.

LMFAO @ “infrequent consensual sexual encounters”

No telling at this point who is lying and who is telling the truth however, there is one piece of evidence that makes us feel like this lady is full of isht.

Rogers’ lawyer, Robert Ingram, said he got a letter from the former employee’s lawyer in July seeking to discuss the allegations and videotapes she had allegedly obtained depicting Rogers nekkid and engaged in sex acts. Ingram said the letter was tantamount to extortion. The woman’s attorney, David Cohen, characterized it as a customary demand letter.

So he “forced” you to blow his whistle while you were on camera and he gave you copies of the tape???

Doesn’t add up to us, but we’ll see what “your honor” has to say about the matter when the case goes to trial.



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