The King of R&B Says He Didn’t Have a Heart Attack

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Yesterday it was said that Bobby Brown was hospitalized for a mild heart attack scare, now he is denying all claims. Via NY Daily News:

“None of it’s true. I went in for a checkup. The doc gave me a clean bill of health. I did go to the hospital … to just get a checkup, get everything tested out so that I could go on this tour, and everything is fine.”

“I don’t know where the heart attack thing came from. I got my heart and everything checked out earlier this morning, and I’m just fine.”

Well, something is a little suspect here…who goes to the hospital for just a “check up”? Anyway, we’re just glad Bobby is okay, even though these photos don’t look like routine check up photos to us.

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  • cogic man


  • BG


  • cogic man

    he need Jesus

  • http://none tj

    who cares whos first or second???? ill never understand that

  • Mo'Ree

    yeah um….dude doesn’t have a PCP(primary care physician)? He gotta do a surprise out of the blue hospital check-up. Yeah those pictures…I would say yeah Bobby look like he and death have an appointment…but he always looks one foot out of the grave…that’s how crackheads look…they always leave you wondering “how is he still walking around”

  • Happy 2 B Nappy

    Dang, why they have a picture with the piss bottle sitting there, lol. Anyway, check-up my ass. I have never been hooked up to gizmo’s for a damn check-up. This brotha done checked out in the brain if he thinks the public is supposed to buy his story. Anyway, those pictures were an invasion and whomever took them, if they work for the hospital should be fired. Whatever he may be suffering from, I do wish him the best.

  • Shasta

    CHEAP PUBLICITY—stay away form bad drugs Bobby, they will do it to you every time.

  • MissOMyGoodnezz

    Boy Stop! The day I believe he went to the hospital for a “routine check-up” is the day I believe Superhead is saved! Who goes to a hospital, gets a hospital bracelet and gets hooked up to machines for a routine checkup?

  • Prophetess Bennetta

    The spirit is telling me … naaa on the check up story (how lame). He was about to “bust his heart”. Please folks after so long your body just won’t allow you to keep PARTYING.

  • Kay

    That negro is crazy!!!!!! His “fairwell” video is already out on the web!!!! He said goodbye to all his children, gave a shoutout to Whitney and threw up the finger at her!!!! HAHAHAHAHA Crackheads are funny!

  • Salma

    I dont believe a word he says

  • Guilty Pleasure

    Ummm, who took these pictures????? Dang, isn’t this a violation of the Privacy Act?

  • princessdominique

    He lies like a rug. Bobby better tell the truth!

  • princessdominique

    Bobby’s greedy family members probably took the pictures for some quick cash.

  • Nish

    Why is this man always in denial? Last time I checked, you went to a check-up, and were in and out, not laid out. He had better get it together or he is not long for this earth.

  • moe

    That is an emergency room in those pictures. Bobby is full of it.

  • div

    dang, homie….the people in his life are slimy as hell. And the fam is allegedly trying to get money for his deathbed video??

    who’s in YOUR 5…

    really hope this sparks a turning point for him.


    Guilty Pleasure et al, ^ that’s what i’m talkin’ bout. f’s%&ts!

    Bobby, go pick up your check for the release of dem pics!!! …explain HIPAA to the country, again. retain george clooney’s lawyer – i love the way george handled that bull$%^t! han’le urs, dawg.

    btw: what love do u have 4 bobbi kristina & all ur kids, whitney, ur dad who i met wit u back in da day, ur bro, baby mamas who’ve had too much explainin’ to do bout da heartache u spill out, on & on.

    u’ve wrecked enuf nerves. PUT DAT PIPE DOWN & GO HOME. MANY HAVE DONE IT. REHAB URSELF – U KNOW WHAT TO DO! what is hurting u so much dat u been sucking years of ur life, luvs & friendships into a f’n pipe!

    c’mon, star…. holla at us sober, go stay wit michael, in bahrain, or sum’n. don’t die young & braindead – read dese blogs cause folks is being real wit u. lyin’ bout a heart attack is 1 favorite c’head move & u know dis.


    yeah, princess, that makes sense, cause ….. but that alone should really reveal to Bobby that only can control his life & welfare. it’s deep when even ur fam worships $$$ over ur deathbed. when the heart goes….

  • lexdiamonz

    ummm since when do you get an IV when you just go in for a checkup… bobby STFU and stop tripping you know you hit a bad rock

  • Doc-2-B

    Damn y’all have pics?? Hilarious. He’s lying b/c he doesn’t want everyone to know that CRACK KILLS.


    Glad he’s ok though.

  • Rocky


  • Laleezy

    Wow this is just hilarious. I heard him on the radio yesterday saying he jokingly told a friend he had a mild heart attack and that he did the video as a joke too. He was like now I know who my real friends are. These hospital pics prove he lied on the radio..

  • star


  • nono

    crack is wack bobby. or so she says…

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