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SpikeTV’s ‘Eddie Murphy: One Night Only’ comedy special airs tonight, Wednesday 11/14 at 10pm EST/PST so we caught up with his big bro Charlie to get the scoop before the premiere.

BOSSIP: Thanks for talking to us Charlie, we watched some clips from the show and noticed you said your brother used to always kill you at playing “snaps” back in the day. Is that really true or did you get a few good ones in of your own?

Charlie Murphy:

I’m a comedian, my job is to make stuff funny. A lot of people ask me if the Rick James story is true, and I say do you believe that Will Smith saved the world in Independence Day? Some things are meant to be entertaining, it shouldn’t matter if it’s true. When we did this tribute we told everyone involved, ‘This is not a roast, describe your experiences with Eddie Murphy and make it funny.’

BOSSIP: How did the personal relationship make this experience different for you though?

Charlie Murphy:

It was different as a comedian because your weapons are your jokes and if you’re told, “You can’t use any of your jokes,” you have an assignment to talk about this man right here. I was just thrilled to be in a lineup with heavyweights like Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, Jamie Foxx, Tracy Morgan, Russell Brand, Sam Jackson, Adam Sandler. For the level of comic royalty that was there it was incredible. You will probably never see another lineup like that. Who else would they do it for? Eddie has the perfect history and it brought all these people in one room.

Stevie Wonder? Come on man! Eddie and Stevie had a classic moment. I was on a show that had Stevie Wonder in it! Stevie Wonder was a star when I was a child at home with my parents. And now I know Stevie Wonder! Imagine being a kid looking at ‘Soul Train’ watching someone and now you know this person. It’s a trip! You see how close him and your brother are… When they were singing “Higher Ground” it turned me out. That was like church almost!

BOSSIP: You live in Jersey, were you affected by Hurricane Sandy? Did that affect your decision to take part?

Charlie Murphy:

I came from the blackout. My kids were in the hotel with a nanny, my dog was at my cousin’s house and then I had to fly to L.A. to do this show. The outfit I wore that night, I picked that outfit out in the pitch black. God helped me pick it out. I had gone and got me a tuxedo but I went to get it and the entire complex I purchased it from was closed. Six hours before my plane was supposed to leave. I thought about not going. Everything was in disarray and I went home and I was just about to call my agent and something said look in your closet. I went in with a flashlight and within three minutes I had the jacket. Everything I had to go with it was right there. I put it in my bag and made it to the plane. It was a great experience.

BOSSIP: Do you have any plans to collaborate with Eddie on future projects?

Charlie Murphy:No immediate plans to work together. Right now my plans are stuff I have to do.

I refuse to move to the West Coast. Norbit, Vampire in Brooklyn and all that, those collaborations came about because of my close proximity on a daily basis. Things come up and I was talking to him because I was right there. When Eddie lived in Jersey that’s when we came up with those movies. And now he lives primarily in Los Angeles.

BOSSIP: Why do you refuse to move to the West Coast?

Charlie Murphy:

Earthquakes. I love the West Coast, but I don’t want to be there when the real deal goes down. Earthquakes in California they have them sh!ts every week. All those “light tremors” may be a warning. A warning. Does anybody want to use that word? A warning. They have the ride over at Universal about an earthquake in California? That’s real smart. It’s unanimously agreed on that the big one hasn’t happened yet. It’s definitely going to happen and I don’t want to be out there when it does.

I’ve been in earthquakes before. Once I punched this guy in his face, we were shooting Harlem Nights and we were on a soundstage. If you look up at the ceiling they have counterweights, big bags of sand that probably weigh 200 pounds. If one of them were to fall on your head, it’s a wrap. When the earthquake hit I saw that swaying back and forth and then I went to run and this man grabbed my arm and said “Don’t run.” He got punched in the face. Then I went to run and the earthquake stopped. He got stole on. Nobody is in charge when an earthquake hits, you try to do what you need to do and I’m going to do what I need to do. Whatever happens it’s what’s going to happen. I don’t ever want to experience that again.

Pure comedy! Charlie says if you want to see the “Dallas Cowboys Superbowl team of comedy” make sure to watch Spike TV’s “Eddie Murphy: One Night Only” at 10pm EST/PST

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