Is Kimora Trying to Get Knocked up?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Page Six is reporting that Blood Diamond Russ’ former boo is yearning for another child and is trying to get “sperminated” by her new man Djimon Hounsou.

Damn, Kimora isn’t wasting any time is she?  She’s probably loving that mandingo sex after being with Russell’s old shriveled up ass forever.

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  • Happy 2 B Nappy

    Whatever she is trying to do is her business.

  • MissOMyGoodnezz

    It’s the new THING to be pregnant in Hollywood. Kimora makes beautiful kids so I aint mad at her. Hopefully its a boy this time!

  • MarieDaGuru

    Aren’t she and Russ still married? I find it kind of disrespectful as a wife to have a child with another man. But whatever. I say do you! At least we know the child will be taken care of.

  • Prophetess Bennetta

    If it’s was a boy it will be sooo beautiful. But the spirit is telling me Kimora and Russ are not finished yet.

  • princessdominique

    Who knows. It’s hard to tell with Kimora.

  • damon

    All I can say is she has some BAD TASTE IN MEN, Ewwwww!

  • justme

    more power to them i think they would make good parents and actually have a cute kid

  • StopTheMadness

    How about this for a thought… get divorced from teh first husband first before you get “sperminated” by this new man.

    Some of y’all black women saying stuff like “aint nothin’ wrong with it” and “You go Kimora” , are the same hoes who are contributing to the 66% illegitimate birth rate in the black community. Shame on you. Y’all need to get it together, for real.

  • Marcia

    Kimora looks so happy! She never looked that happy with Russ.

  • Delta Diva

    @ StopTheMadness

    @ MarcusJ

    I completely agree with you too, that’s why the African American family is so screwed up- Shacking up is the new epidemic in our community whether we want to admit to it or not. If Kimora truly loves him and wants to have a family with him the right thing to do would be to get a divorce first, its not like they don’t have the money to do it.

  • Washer1

    I totally agree with ‘StopTheMadness’ and ‘MarcusJ’

    Okay Djimon and Kimora, you’ve taken the “Test Drive”… if you want to have a child, then get married and start your family.

    Unfortunately, the foundation of the Black Family has been destroyed, and it should be a total embarrassment. Today, many men glorify the actions of Diddy, Shaq, etc… while the women are all too willing to get pregnant for $$. Whatever happened to the majority of Black families consisting of a Husband (Father), Wife (Mother) and children… Today we have Baby Daddy (no longer in the household), Baby Mama (f–king for cash), and totally confused kids who have no idea what a healthy relationship between a man and woman is. If we don’t get it together soon, the Black race(in America) is screwed.


    the black man dont forget after leaving the babys mamas runs off after all that with a white woman of all things, something he should be running away from. they feel they are dating down when they date you. these black women didnt make babies bt their selves.

  • oplease

    Marriage is just a legal piece of paper. It obviously does not mean that much when the divorce rate is atleast 50% last I heard.

  • davis

    they would have beautiful children.

  • TexasDude

    Marissa, the overwhelming majority of black men marry black women. Less than 5% of all black men who are married, are married to white women, so that whole “white women” thing is not as much of a factor as black women like to make it out to be. Lets leave white women out of this.

    Marcus still made a very good point. Black women still have a very casual and permisive attitude toward getting pregnant out of wedlock.

  • MarcusJ


    if the divorce rate is 50%, what is the “breakup rate” for women who have kids with their baby daddies, then they break up and the kids end up not knowing their father?

    70% maybe? 80%? Think about that.

    I bet you the “breakup rate” is a whole lot higher than the divorce rate.

    And studies show that the majority of black men in prison right now were born to single mothers. You dont think theres a connection there?

    If you dont see how unwed births is negatively affecting the black community, then you dont have a clue as to whats going on around you.

    Unfortunately, women who have that kind of attitude that you have about this… usually end up contributing to the problem.

  • oplease


    Marcus still made a very good point. Black women still have a very casual and permisive attitude toward getting pregnant out of wedlock.

    Ok lets not forget black men still have a very casual and permissive attitude toward getting women pregnant out of wedlock.

  • oplease

    The point is, people need to stay together and raise their kids, married or not….a piece of paper will not solve that.

  • Delta Diva

    The Divorce rate is high b/c people want the easy way out or they married each other for the wrong reasons. However blacks are simply not marrying each other but shacking up with various people and having children with them. There is a lack of positive A.A. relationships in our society. Black men don’t know how to treat the black woman b/c majority of the time their fathers were not around or their mama’s have BF that didn’t treat her right either and black women are confused on what a good black man is b/c they either didn’t have their father in their life or there wasn’t any present to show them different.

    That statement does not apply to all either.

  • RockAFellow


    and if these girls see their moms bringing in a string of different boyfriends one after the other, having them sleep overnight, etc.. it just sends a bad message and a bad example these young girls end up following when they grow older.

  • Moreaces

    Good for them, they make a cute couple, if they are happy, Go for it.

  • LisaLee


    It sounds as if youre trying to imply that marriage is just a “piece of paper” and is no different from having a baby-daddy. Get it together, sister. You cant be serious, can you?

    Laying down and having some man’s baby is not the same as having a child with your HUSBAND. Yes, sometimes marriages fail, and divorce happens too often, but marriage represents COMMITMENT, a level of commitment thats usually not there when someone is just making babies out of wedlock.

    If you dont understand that I feel sorry for you.

  • MissOMyGoodnezz

    Question: So if they were married, had a baby, then got that better than them not being married, having a baby and staying together to raise the child properly?

    I dont care how you have a baby, just take care of your own! Marriage has turned from a religious vow to a legal piece of paper. You have youngstas getting married early in life because they screwed up and got pregnant and dont want people with old school values to “shame” them. Marriage is nothing without genuine love behind it. Love makes the marriage, not the label HUSBAND or WIFE. When you jump the broom, there aren’t fireworks, the red sea isn’t parted..nothing happens. Its exactly as it was the day before.

    My point is, Marriage aint nothing but a piece of paper. Love is Love and if she wants to have a baby with someone she LOVES, so be it. She’s not being reckless and having babies with random men. As long as they take care of their kids, and raise them right, who will ever know the difference.

  • YouHaveMale

    Speaking as a man, let me put my 2 cents in.

    A man who wants to marry his woman first before having kids, is a more responsible man, and will be more commited to his family , than some dude who is willing to run up inside you without a condom, not even caring if you get pregnant.

    So marriage is NOT just a piece of paper. Not in all cases but in most cases, folks who want to get married first tend to be more responsible and committed to each other and commited to raising a quality black family. I cant believe so many people have a problem seeing that.

  • Delta Diva

    @ RockAFellow

    I completely agree. This young girls have a real bad view on what a good relationship is. It’s really sad, If we don’t grab control over this, the tradtional A.A family will not last.

    @ MissOMyGoodnezz

    I don’t think no one is saying that she should just get married ad have a child, the fact is that she is not even divorced from her 1st husband. Their values are not in the right place at the moment. If someone wants to have a child out of wedlock, it’s their business but in the long run, its all about the children.

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