Elsewhere In The World: Man Forced To Have His Peen Removed Due To Cancer From Enlargement Surgery

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Member Enlargement Results In Cancer And Peen Amputation For Thai Man

A Thailand man who wanted his man-member to grow a few inches is now facing an even bigger problem than a pint-sized peen after he had to get it cut off due to Cancer found following the enlargement surgery.

via Toronto Sun

Doctors in Thailand are warning people to avoid visiting illegal clinics after a man went to hospital with a potentially fatal infection and cancer caused by a peen enlargement procedure, the Bangkok Post reports.

A 50-year-old man was admitted to hospital with a peen swollen to the size of a coconut, a doctor at the Police General Hospital in Bangkok said.

The man had undergone a procedure to enlarge his peen at an illegal clinic about five years ago, during which his peen was injected with olive oil, Dr. Surat Kittisupporn told the Post.

The man’s peen had been working without problem until about six months ago, when he sustained a cut to his peen that got infected.

Doctors found cancer and had no choice but to remove his member, Surat said.

Yet another reason why it’s just better to work with what you have….or end up with nothing at all. SMH.

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