For Your Information: Trojan Condoms Lists The 10 Least Sexually Healthy Colleges And Universities In America!

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It’s all fun and games until you find those little bumps…

Trojan Condoms Ranks Colleges And Universities Based On Sexual Health

Via Coed Magazine and PR Newswire

Trojan Condoms recently released their 2012 Sexual Health Report Card ranking “141 major campuses drawn from conferences within the Bowl Championship Series and beyond…representing all 50 states and the District of Columbia.” Each school was graded in 11 categories to determine their final placement.

But no one likes looking at schools that do well on sexual health report cards. We want to see the sleazy underbelly of modern American collegiate students. Which is why the bottom ten schools are really the most revealing…

But in all seriousness, just because a school doesn’t get the highest grade in sexual health doesn’t mean the students have to suffer. Yes, it’s nice when a college takes a strong stance towards helping out the student body, but in the end, we’re all responsible for our own bodies.

So the biggest takeaway here: no matter where your school falls on this list, be responsible.

Here are the criteria for where a school ranks on the list

The annual study from the maker of Trojan® Brand Condoms and conducted by Sperling’s BestPlaces, calls attention to the state of sexual health on campuses nationwide by ranking them according to accessibility of sexual health resources and information available to students.

Hit the flip to see which schools are the worst when it comes to “wrapping it up”

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Seton Hall University

The Seton Hall Pirates might want to reconsider all of that “booty”…

Savannah State University

Louisiana Tech

How many of these broads do you think has a “gift that keeps on giving”??

St. John’s Red Storm

What an ironic name, sounds like slang for herpes…

University of New Orleans

Again with the irony?!?

Chicago State University

Nothing “shy” about the kids at this school. EVERYBODY is humpin’ around…

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    Troy State University

    These schools REALLY might want to consider a name change, because according to the study, the “Trojans” aren’t using any…

    Providence College

    The PC logo and mascot is a friar, but clearly there is nothin’ holy about crabs, chlamydia, and gonorrhea.

    Brigham Young University

    Don’t let Money Makin’ Mitt and the Mormons fool you, these repressed kids are fawkin’ like rabbits and they are not too interested in condoms.

    So, which school is the ab-so-lute WORST when it comes to sexual health…???

    U.S. Air Force Academy

    “YEAH! We’re #1!!!!” SMMFH

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