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LL Cool J is still talking about his issues with Def Jam and discusses his new albun Exit 13, that has 50 Cent as the executive producer. No cents and Hova even have something to say. Via MTV:

“These guys fail to realize that when you talk about Def Jam, you’re talking about my legacy. Everything that ever happened at Def Jam is my legacy. Without me being a 16-year-old with my rhyme book, Def Jam [wouldn’t] exist. Everything that’s ever been a success up there is a product of me, and I’ve given birth to it.”

“You go on blogs and everything, people know when people are lying. Things are not all rosy up there [at Def Jam]. Too many [artists] have suffered: Method Man, Redman, the Roots, Fabolous, Ludacris! The list goes on. Nobody is getting promoted the way they should be promoted. I’m one man. I can’t battle a whole record label. So we not gonna try to turn this into what it’s not. To try and battle a record label is foolish. It’s bad enough they are calling around to radio stations telling them not to play my records.”

“It’s about the bars and beats, it’s fly. I’m not trying to look down on anybody. I’m not gonna try to hurt people and tell them how rich I am or what I’m driving. It’s a little of that, but that’s not my focus. It’s never been my focus to make the ‘hood feel bad. This record is for the ‘hood — specifically for the ‘hood. It’s for Queens, it’s for people who are real hip-hop fans. It’s the real thing. I’ve been throwing records away, trashing some records; I’ve had some records that I thought were garbage, records I thought were hot. I’m mixing it up.”

What Jay-Z has to say on the beef:

“I would never block anybody’s blessings. That type of sh– comes back to you. … I believe in karma. He’s upset, not me. If he wanna work it out, I’m more than willing to do that.”

What 50 cent has to say:

“[LL’s] got his own issue [with Def Jam], to be honest with you. He feels that they’re not prioritizing him. He’s been there from the start. I talked to him and I talked to Jay. I’m the liaison between them for that project to keep that functioning. And I’m gonna bring the material necessary for us to have a great project. … Jay’s priority is business. He’s a businessman. If it makes good business sense, he’s doing it.”



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