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Click Here to listen to Lupe Fiasco speak with Kay Slay to clarify his Tribe Called Quest statements in the interview with Vibe, and say that he will take legal action against them for defamation of character.

SMH at Kay Slay screaming on the white man in the audio clip.

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  • Tikki

    Shut the f up

  • Lili

    Yo…Lupe’s…insanely talented. But he’s also out of his mind. He took this thing way too far.

  • Tikki

    He just sat down regrouped himself and came up with an explanation, better yet excuse for his statement. Whether it was a month ago or a week ago, he still said what he said.

  • Mississippi Girl

    And y is this news??????????????? Who cares………next…………….

  • Dolla Bill

    LOL Kay Slay is really clownin that white boy. SMH @ Lupe….Now’s he’s defending Soulja Boy. WTF!!!!!

  • Traycee

    LMAO @ Kay Slay!!!!!!!!!! His voice is ridiculously deep!

    I’ve never really listened to Lupe’s music, BUT……it is what it is. If he feels he has a case, mo’ power to ya.

  • Beautiful Blue Eyed Angel

    I like Lupe and Tribe called Quest…I just noticed Lupe has adorable small teeth..hehehe..

  • Bahama Mama

    traycee what in the mess r u doing

  • brownbarbie

    This is typical. As a celebrity interviewer myself, many of these boneheads don’t realize what they say until it’s written on paper. Then, when they see the written word, they’re like, ‘Oh, snap!’ and don’t realize the repurcussions until it’s all said and done. Then, they want to “clarify” or change their s!$t. VIBE is a reputable publication. This ni$$a won’t get far with his bogus lawsuit, and it may very well hurt his career as other writers and publications may blackball his a$$. I just hope the writer was smart enough to actually tape the interview.

  • Seattle Slim

    Legal action??? WTF??? Is it that serious?????

  • Seattle Slim

    *dead @ white people on the sideline comment*

  • NYCDiva69

    HELP…What does SHM stand for?

  • samira

    He cannot be serious???

    I hope they let him have it for this dumb s#$@!!!!!

  • ComeDee

    Lupe, Eddie Murphy and Arsenio called. Eddie would like his teeth back. Arsenio said he’ll take his gums back whenever you get a moment.

  • Sam

    NYCDIVA—SMH= shake my head

    LOL @ Kay non-stop clownin the white dude and callin his dad the devil hahahaha

  • Shay

    Some people need to learn to shut up or atleast watch what they say when a comment contains other peoples names even if it’s a positive comment.

  • mjb

    I checked out at 8 minutes and 6 seconds… everything started to sound like “waa-waa whaa-whaa waa”

  • Jazzi

    I mos def. understand where lupe is coming from. There is an elitest system. Lil Wayne is a perfect example. he doesnt have the talent, caliber as great artist from this genre we call hip-hop, ie. Tupac, Biggie, jay-Z, Lauren, ect. but because he puts music out constantly and ppl like Talib, Mos, roots, budden, papoose arent every where mixtape kingin it, they must not be as talented. You have to be a hiphop head to understand this situation.

  • yea i said it


  • TSimp

    I agree with you Jazzi. I understood what he was trying to say. I sure the writer did too, but of course the writer would write the statement to cause controversy. Why? Because beef and controversy sales.

    He should sue. The media needs to be held accountable for their wrong actions.

  • brightseatbully

    i listened to the interview… he still a bama. he STILL disrespected some legends in the genre, no matter the context.

  • pimp daddy


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