So Embarrassing: Kids Who Tried To Follow Their Parents’ Footsteps…And FAILED

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Kids Failing At Being Like Their Parents

Aww celebrity seeds. One minute they’re tabloid fodder, the next they’re trying to be like mommy and daddy. Some make us proud (Tracee Ellis Ross, Angelina Jolie, etc.) But others? Well, others should be grounded for their attempts to be like their parents only to grossly embarrass the family crest.

Marcus Jordan – He tried to be like his daddy and play basketball. What he ended up being was a sad pay-for-the-punanarama dirty dog who put his biz all over Twitter. Oops.

Jo Jo Simmons – He tried to rap like daddy but ended up getting popped for weed and his little brother had a real career instead. Aww man.

Chet Haze – He’s Tom Hanks’ son and he’s trying to rap. And he’s horrible. And he should stop. And…sigh.

Charlie Sheen – Yes, he’s famous and all but you know he’s an embarrassment to his world-class actor daddy.

Bristol Palin – She wanted to be famous like her momma, so she went on a dancing show. And embarrassed herself.

Bobbi Kristina – She’s trying to sing like momma, but all she’s doing is embarrassing everyone with her habits and sloring.

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    Montana Fishburne – She wanted to be famous like her actor daddy…and adult films was her path. That didn’t quite work out.

    Nicole Richie – Lionel Richie’s apple fell far from the tree. He sings and she just looks emaciated all the time.

    LMFAO – Barry Gordy’s kids have set music and his legacy back with every s***y song they put out.

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    • dara kyer

      And the fact she got none of her mother’s good looks and got beat down with a UGLY stick!!!

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