For the Stans: Beyonce in a Turban

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Beyonce was spotted rockin some interesting head gear recently. We don’t know if it’s a fashion statement or if she’s channeling into her inner Bin Laden or even Jay-Z—Remember this lyric from that Hova song intro on In My Lifetime Volume 3:

Hova the God, I should be rappin with turban

Bey better watch out or she could be mistaken as a member of the Taliban, SMH.  That bag is still fire though.

Image ganked from C&D

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  • Kimmie

    Cute shoes and bag!

  • ABW (Angry Black Woman)

    still looks cute though

  • Leah

    Maybe she was having a bad hair (weave) day.

  • rickysyfee

    ya’ll know the top of her aint done yet!lol

  • saucefry

    I’m feeling the ANDRE 3000 look, on our beloved BEYONCE


    She looks very cute and natural.

  • Seattle Slim

    LOL now y’all know that damned bag ain’t no damned FIRE.

  • samira

    She’s having a bad weave day…that’s no fashion statement…LOL.

  • NYCDiva69

    She must be in the process of getting her lacy wig re-glued. Or changing her weave (front still missing) Even Divas need to give there scalp a breather. Her bag is bangin.

  • DEEDY F.


  • Jus Another Opinion

    Why is this even news….Erykah Badu rocked one for years. You think you are doing her a favor by posting her so much? Everyone enjoys there time in the spotlight all this will do is have a negative effect on her in the long run…so enjoy it while you can. Look at Ashanti then and now, Omarion then and now, JLo then and now, Mya then and now, Monica then and now(love her though) but……! This is the music business people and music change! I never thought that the “boyband” era would ever end…but it did. There will always be a new fresh faced lead singer that will come along B, Omarion, JT and Sisqo and will sing a certian type of music then turn around become and sensation for a hot minute and then it is on to the next new face.


    She’s not trying to sell something and she don’t have to be fly all the time, cause we for sure know this one has talent.


    @Jus Another, what are you writing about, you lost me at hello……….

    It’s a turban, not a crack pipe sticking out of her hand. To the left, To the left……….

  • Sasha

    Wow, dont you get out read Vogue or W or is it only black media. Thats a prada head turban its so old though.

    If anything the olsen twins have worn that and tossed that i guess she “ganked’ their style, or logically a stylish way to look cute on a bad hair day.

    If something is stylish or cute their will be more than one person wearing it.I am tired of (insert person name here) is stealing (insert anotherperson) style they have on skinny jeans and platforms, or they are wearing laungerie ( know i spelled that wrong) or shes wearing a “dress” as a shirt she stole that and look no eyeshadow she copied that look at her eyebrows

  • Butterfly

    The fashion mags and stylsts are trying to turn this turban look into a trend. They’ve been trying for years. June Ambrose was rocking a turban last month. Can’t get back with the turbans though.

    Sidebar: Why do people crack on Beyonce for rocking the same style and when she does trys something new or different, she still gets cracked on. It amazes me that there is such an extreme love/hate relationship with this girl. Is she the new Diana Ross? Her fans AND haters are gonna drive her to iconic status at this rate. Not a day goes by without a B post or reference.

  • Butterfly

    *Can’t get down with the turbans though. (Well, maybe to sleep in.)

  • Irina

    Look the bag. I have seen that turban on runways, its even in Mags for Ralph lauren

  • Irina

    Love the bag. I have seen that turban on runways, its even in Mags for Ralph lauren

  • Jus Another Opinion


    You just want some damn attention, you are trying to pick a fight where there id none, unless….

    What in the hell does her talent have to do with this pic. She is rocking an oudated turbin. Since you can’t comprehend well my arguement was why keep posting everything this woman does, getting in and out of limos, dining out, walking down the street because this ish isn’t even newsworthy! Stop being so simple minded, but then again ignorance is bliss.

    Back to my agruement, the only reason why this is news is because she is hot now, which will fade soon just like the rest of the people I named. Get a life better yet keep being a stan and do what you do best never go outside stay on the computer and visit 100 times a day! Pathetic, Ignorance is Bliss.

  • TopThat!

    I dont know what to say except if she took that off we’d probaly run and hide

  • Tenisha

    She rocking the same belt my momma used to wear back in 1984 when I was a little girl. BTW the Turban is killing me… LMFAO…

  • Phelicia

    She really is AVERAGE when she’s not wearing tons of make-up and a fresh weave.

  • Jus Another Opinion

    ^^^^ I can’t say that because I am not Taliban nor in the motherF****n dessert.


    I think she just needs attention now being that paps are catching more flicks of Rih Rih than her.

  • angelic1302

    As my great-great grandma and great ma used to wear it. they called it a T-Yon! May the rest in peace…

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