Fans Put Evelyn On Blast Over Her Frozen Eggs And Former Plans To Tote A Gut Full Of Ochostinko

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Evelyn Addresses Fans Concerns Over Her Frozen Eggs

BBW reality ratchetista Evelyn Lozada made more than a few mentions on the show about her plans to have another child in the near future and she originally planned to do so with her head-butting ex-hubby Chad Johnson.

Now that Mr. and Mrs. Ochostinko are no more, her fans are wondering what she plans to do with her lil back burner babies.

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In episode 3 of season 3 the coupled went to a fertility clinic to get answers that they needed concerning their options, and Chad gave up some sperm during their visit to the doctor’s office.

Well, after Evelyn and Chad divorced the questions regarding Evelyn Lozada’s eggs were still around. Did Evelyn go through with the procedure to freeze her eggs? What will happen to the frozen eggs? Fans asked Evelyn if she planned on using Chad’s frozen babies, or if she was going to allow them “to go to waste.”

Evelyn answered the question in her own special way during a tweet.

“Chile, I may let them thangs get freezer burnt!” Evelyn tweeted.

Given the way these two have been sending subliminals back and forth lately, we wouldn’t be surprised if Eve was keeping her frozen Chad Jrs on ice for a rainy day.

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