Little Girl Killed at Lil’ Boosie’s House

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Posted by Bossip Staff

According to Livesteez, Lil Boosie always throws little get-togethers for the children in his neighborhood, well yesterday a little girl was accidentally killed by her own father:

A Holiday house party turned tragic Tuesday afternoon (December 24) at rapper Lil’ Boosie’s home, when a 2-year-old child was accidentally killed. Early reports from Baton Rouge, Louisiana indicate a man accidentally ran his car over his own daughter. The accident allegedly happened just after 5PM, and the young girl succumbed to her injuries roughly an hour later at a local hospital. The accident is said to have occurred at the Centurion Place subdivision in Pompey. Neighbors confirmed to local news outlets that the death occurred at the home of Boosie, who regularly hosts gatherings for kids in the neighborhood, according to The child reportedly attended the get together to play on a trampoline. The child’s parents are reported to have a total of five children. After collecting what he thought was all of his family, the father unknowingly backed out of the driveway and crushed his daughter. Although early speculation tagged Lil Boosie as the driver and the deceased as his daughter, those reports have not been confirmed.  Authorities are withholding the name of the driver and the victim, but have confirmed no criminal charges will be filed.

This is the kind of accident that happens more frequently then we know. It must be real hard on the father of the little girl…our prayers go out to him and the rest of her family.



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  • Film

    Sad news..

  • sickofitt

    How awful

  • Nicole

    1st…I think!!

  • Kia


  • shaki


  • serene

    Sad, and those type of accidents do happen more than people think RIP to the lil girl…..prayers with the fam, especially the father

  • Today I say!!

    1st?? is that really more important right now??

  • Toya Anitri

    That is sooo sad. And no matter how dumb or whatever you think Boosie is, Marcus. That is irrelevant to the tragedy suffered by the family. Stop being a dumbazz…

  • snoop bloggy blog

    god bless that family, very tragic event


    this is sad as hell……

  • Encyclopedia Brown


  • Jamie

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  • B-More way of ILLADELPH_ IA

    May God Bless this family. RIP little mama!

  • JUJU


  • Vee (its Bossladee if u nasty)

    Very sad, for the child and the father. It’s also sad that something tragic happened while Lil Boosie was trying to do a good thing.

  • Crazy Ass Rodney

    Rest in Peace

  • backyard


  • Redd Tony

    Poor lil girl…My heart goes out to her and her family…

  • dfiestyone

    Very devastating!!! My heart and prayers goes out to the family!!!
    May God provide the strength that they will need to get through this tragedy!!


    the same thing happened to someone i know. the grandmother backed out onto her grand daughter and killed her, the death brought a feud between the mother of the child and the grandmother to an end.

  • nai-boogie


  • Wally George

    Considering this occured at one of those southern gangster rappers house, the cops may want to give the daddy a blood test. He was probably sipping on that syrup concoction that these n*ggers are known to consume nowadays.

  • Sit yo five dollar behind down before I make some change ( Immma A Diva!!!)

    Idiot…anyway…I hope that his family gets through this tragedy…

  • The Bear - Black is the new White!!!

    @ JUJU


  • ShavonDenise

    Sad, sad, sad.

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