Flying Around And Gettin’ It: Rih-Rih Rocks On In Paris And Berlin, Parties With Diddy, Cassie, Akon On 777 Tour [Pics]

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Rihanna Parties With Diddy, Cassie, Pharrell, And Akon In Paris On 777 Tour

Rihanna has been going hard in the paint over the past week as she embarked on her 777 Tour to promote her new album Unapologetic worldwide with 7 shows in 7 countries in 7 days.

Needless to say Rih-Rih lives the rock star lifestyle (smoking, drinking, partying, gettin’ slizzed and doing it all over again the next day), and she was all the way turnt up when she met up with her ninjas in Paris Sunday night.

Diddy, his boo-thang Cassie, Akon, and Skateboard P Pharrell Williams all joined the Bajan piff-puffer to celebrate her success at the VIP Room.

Check out pics from the party as well as a “candid conversation” between Robyn and Cassie, and some stills from her shows in both Paris and Berlin.

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Cassie to Rihanna: Aye girl, I gotta ask you something, but I need you to keep it real with me.

Diddy to Akon: Aye man, look at all these bad French hoes in here!

Rihanna: Ya girl say she needs to ask me something, she betta not be on that bullisht…

Diddy: My name is Bennett, and I ain’t in it…

Cassie: Soooo, Breezy got a big ol’ d**k doesn’t he??

Rihanna: I’llll never telllllll!

Rihanna: Nah girl, I’m just playin’ that ninja be blowing my back OUT!

Cassie: I KNEW IT!!! Sean be chopping me to smithereens too!! We should swap one day…?

Rihanna: LMAO! Girrrrrl, I thought I was bad!

Cassie: Hahahaha WHAT?!?! It could be fun!

Pharrell: Aye, what ya’ll over here laughin’ about??

Diddy: Yeah, what’s so damn funny?!

Rihanna and Cassie (in unison): Huh?!? What you mean??

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    Diddy: These hoes be actin’ up…

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