Seen on the Scene: Amerie in London

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

It’s obvious that Amerie gets more love overseas than here in America. Here she is leaving Mr. Chow in London. Hopefully she’s making enough British pounds over there to keep up with that premium on her 2 million dollar insurance policy she has on her legs.

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  • kelis

    She looks nice but… when is that album ever going to come out???

  • Heather

    Amerie can not sing. Everything she rocks looks so fake on her. ugh…

  • Butterfly

    She better stay over there and make her money. No need to be a nobody here when you can be a somebody somewhere else.

  • Laleezy

    Is jacket suppossed to look so young in the arms?

  • weezy

    It must be a slow news day, first Rihanna now Amerie.

  • Anonymous3

    well, since the British Pound is more than the American Dollar she has to be doing better than if she were over here

  • 4Josiah

    **cosign w/ Laleezy**

    Damn… That jacket is young! LOL Maybe she ain’t doin that good…

  • ko

    She just eat a powdered donut or sumthin? Why her lips so ashy? She got “Pookie from new jack city”lips.

  • Eye

    didn’t Rosci have on that jacket on 106 this week? (jus sayin)

    Amerie = WEAK

  • Jai

    Amerie is and UNDERrated artist.. this girl is BAD and her lastest album is GREAT. Believe it or not but many females artist jock her style of music (Beyonce`) but we not bout to get into that.. you do the math and look at the producers Amerie has worked with (Rich Harrison) and see that Beyonce` did the same thing and took that style into her own.. yes she did… anyways, I’m a big Amerie fan.. say wat u want…



    Amerie can not sing. Everything she rocks looks so fake on her. ugh…

    I have to disagree with you, she can sing he ass of but you were right about her look. She is a pretty woman she just needs a new stylist


    sorry typo

    she can sing her ass off

  • John

    Now I got to see these million dollar legs!!

  • mzc2u

    Amerie is pretty, but not very rememberable, she needs to change her career to modeling, she has the size and look for it.

  • Smartie

    Amerie needs to sing a duet with Kelli/Kelly Rowland. Maybe combined they’d sell 10k. Like Kelly, she’s cute but irrelevant.

  • it's me

    Amerie is looking a little Golden…Golden Brooks that is. She also resembles the crackhead on the Chappelle show. Even pretty people have their FUG moments.

  • jazzyphile

    I thought dancers were suppose to insure their legs, and singers were suppose to insure their vocal chords. What’s a singer doing insuring their legs? No wonder people think she can’t sing.

  • Cr

    ^ I was thinkin the same thing. She IS a beautiful lady, but she was prolly in her hotel room like “Damn I’m hungray! Lets go out. No need for makeup we jus goin ’round the corner.”

  • Denise

    @Heather: You are soooo wrong… Just wrong. WRONG.

  • Doom

    Amerie can sing live.. there’s 1 million of proof on youtube. She sings with pre-recorded vocals sometimes tho.. but she def. can sing and she’s one of the better rnb chicks! And she looks hot! And exotic.. i love her and her music!! BTW: she needs to go back to Rich Harrison tho… lol

  • Bet

    I love Amerie. She is so beautiful and puts on a great show. The picture is not so great but anyone can have a bad day.

  • ISIS77

    I thought I was the only one thinking she’s looking a lil crack-ish….I hope she’s not in the UK hanging out with Amy Crackhouse!

  • kigali


    Bey looks nice with or without the makeup. You dont think Amerie wears makeup? Give me a break. Everyone in the business does, its about the look, the show, and the image.

  • oh my damn

    I don’t think Black and Korean mix well together. You get dark girls with BEAUTIFUL strong hair that grows without snapping off every step of the way like black hair, but the FACIAL FEATURES UP CLOSE JUST DON’T CUT IT? It’s like they have everything else going on but THAT.

    There seem to be a lot of Black and Korean(specifically Korean) people out there and they all look “funny” up close if you know what I mean. Wide, flat faces. And I am NOT HATING. Fall in love and build your next with whoever or whatever you’ld like, but DAYUM that mixture doesn’t turn out well IMO. I have 2 cousins mixed with Korean. They have BEAUTIFUL hair, BEAUTIFUL skin tone and really nice shaply muscular legs (big calfs but…)and I also have OTHER cousins either full black or mixed with white and they are just much prettier IMO.

  • oh my damn

    ^^^^I meant fall in love with and build your NEST with anyone you wish

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