Got The Munchies? Piff-Puffin Rih-Rih Goes Kush Crazy On Tour And Orders Over 20 Bags Of Chips, Boxes Of Capri-Suns And Mo’ Fat Kid Snacks!

- By Bossip Staff

RihRih about to turn into a Chubby Lumpkins eating like this…

Rihanna Requests Munchies On Tour

Via TMZ reports:

Cheetos, Ruffles, Oreos, Gummi bears, Cup O’ Noodleses … it’s MUNCHIE MECCA — otherwise known as Rihanna’s dressing room for her new tour … and TMZ has the full list of her stonerific food demands.

It’s no secret Rihanna smokes like a chimney — a chimney filled with weed — and the rider for her current “777” tour hilariously resembles a 2am 7-Eleven snack run … after crushing a half ounce of sticky icky.

The full list is several pages long — but here are some awesome highlights …

— One package of Oreos
— One large bag of Haribo brand Gold Bears
— One box of Capri Suns
— 10 bags of cheddar cheese Ruffles
— Red Bulls, Grey Goose, Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Diet Coke
— 10 bags of Flaming Hot Cheetos (delicious)
— Stuffed olives
— One box of Golden Grahams cereal
— Mini Babybel cheeses

What the hell Rih? We know you like to blow it down but these snacks are going to have you looking like Christina Aguilera in a second. And their is no country for her and her Teletubby steez.

Put the Hot Fries down and do better!

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