Happy Birthday: Vice President “Uncle Joe” Biden Turns 70 Today! [Video + Pics]

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Happy Birthday Uncle Joe!!!

Today Vice President Joe Biden Turns 70 Years Old

Joesph Robinette (yes, this ninja’s middle name is “Robinette”) Biden was born on this day, November 20, 1942. At 70 years old, Joe is far from an geezer. If you watched him over the past four years you know that he’s full of energy and ready to speak his mind at the drop of a dime!

Let’s take a look at some of Joe’s “finest” moments as Barry O’s right-hand man.

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“This is a big f**king deal!”

Joe eats Paul Ryan’s lunch in Vice-Presidential debate.

“Put ’em up you candya$$ son-of-a-b!#ch!”

“Da f**k are you doin’ Joe?!”

Joe Biden: “Gotcha beyotch!”

Barry O: “Joe, you crazy than a muhfugga”

“I need you to do THIS.”

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    “F**k you!”

    “Back in my day I woulda taken you in the back and given you hard time if you know what I mean…”

    “HEY! If you drink all the beer, you’re buyin’ the next case!”

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