Octomom Is Out Here Pimpin’ The Kids For The Holidays! Got Them Sangin’ Carols For College Money! [Video]

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So much for not wanting to exploit the kids. Octomom’s litter of kiddies are working hard this Holiday season to make some money off their love of Santa.

According to Daily News reports:

Octomom Nadya Suleman is making her octuplets sing for their supper – or at least for their college education.

Thirteen of Suleman’s 14 children have formed a super group called “The Rocktuplets,” and released a modern holiday classic called, “I’m Ready for Christmas.”

Proceeds for the song will go to the children’s college funds, a rep for the Roctuplets told ABC News.

“My children wanted to do a song of their own when I was recording mine, and we thought, what a great idea and how fun for the kids,” Suleman told HuffPost Celebrity last week.

Suleman wasn’t around for the recording of the song. The 37-year-old mother has been in rehab at Californai’s Chapman House Treatment Center since last month to receive treatment for anxiety, exhaustion and stress and an addiction to Xanax.

There’s already a music video for the tune, available on iTunes, which as written by rapper Romeo Holloway, who performed at the octuplets’ third birthday party in January.

“This is just one of many children’s songs they are going to come out with,” Gina Rodriguez told OMG! “The kids had a lot of fun recording and shooting the video.”

SMH… Check out the video below

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