Drugs Are Bad M’kay: Wendy Williams Opens Up About Yayo Addiction “I Could Have Ended Up Like Whitney Houston”

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Wendy almost died trying to chase that white girl…

Wendy Williams Opens Up About Drug Addiction

Daytime talk show host Wendy Williams has made no secret of her past struggle with drugs, and it was the tragic death of Whitney Houston that prompted her to talk about her addiction….

Via RadarOnline:

After struggling with a 10-year addiction to cocaine in her 20s, Wendy admits that when Whitney died in February there were far too many similarities in their lives to ignore, making her grateful for her journey to sobriety.

“That could have been me if I hadn’t sobered up,” Wendy said.

“Whitney and I are [about] the same age, we both come from New Jersey and from parents who love us; we both struggled to have a child. We never met, but we have an incredible amount in common. I thought at some point we would meet in a room and just hug. But we lost her.”

In a new interview with In Touch magazine, Wendy, 48, opens up about her drug use and what it took to get clean.

“I was a functioning addict. I’d work from 3 in the afternoon until 7 at night, get off and party until 7 in the morning — then sleep until 2, go to the radio station and do it all over again,” Wendy said.

“People around me knew, but nobody ever said anything to me. Nobody had the guts, which is shocking to me. I guess it was like watching a circus freak show.”

Wendy credits meeting her husband around her 30th birthday and falling in love as one of the triggers that set her on the path to sobriety.

“The habit was not breaking me, so I could’ve gone on and on, except I was falling in love with this guy,” Wendy said.

“I learned to just wean, wean, wean, and then finally stop. I didn’t even have to go to rehab. I’m not bragging; it’s just fact. I was never in the streets looking for a fix.”

Although, Wendy and Whitney had a not so great history together; the fact that even in her death Whitney still managed to help Wendy kick her addiction is an amazing thing.

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