*Updated* Minnesota University Students Wear Blackface And Spit Out Racial Slurs! [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

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These people stay doing some racist sht!

This video was originally posted on another channel. YouTube took it down because of it’s hate fulled speech. IBNNORG has decided this video, if posted correctly, not out of hate or racism would be an excellent training tool for those who wonder how far is too far.

Some background on the video:

Via YouTube, a channel called UMDHate has released a video of alleged U of M Duluth students Rachel Cooper and Jessica Heid showing poor judgment in creating a racially charged, hurtful video. Their reference to “Niggers and Fried Chicken, Big Lip Niggers and Niggers with Gold chains are unacceptable.”

This video by the young women shows poor judgment and a lack of “college-level” teaching have giving these young ladies the “free-ticket” to be members of the Jim Crow era. IBNN and its affiliates including Black Focus and ON POINT! demand an apology immediately.

It is unacceptable in 2012 for any White person to dress up in Blackface and use racial stereotype


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