Ho Stand Up: Florida Parents Make Sneaky, Slizzed, Slore, Daughter Hold Embarrassing Sign On Street Corner

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Consequences and repercussions

Florida Parents Force Daughter To Hold Embarrassing Sign On Street Corner


Flagler County parents fed up with their daughter’s behavior allegedly forced her to hold a sign advertising what she did at a busy intersection.

Flagler County teenager, Jasmine, stood on the corner of a very busy, very public street corner in Palm Coast holding a sign as punishment Wednesday.

“We’re trying to stop this before the courts have to do it themselves,” said father Mike.

WESH 2 News is not revealing the family’s last name, but Mike and Melinda say the 15-year-old has been lying, drinking, sneaking out and overnight, she sneaked a boy in.

Jasmine’s sign reads, “I sneak boys in at 3 a.m. and disrespect my parents and grandparents.”

We love this, these bad azz kids need tough love nowadays.

“This is all about love. I took my day off of work. I missed out on $300 or $400 today to do this. You know what I mean, to come and do this. I love this kid,” said Mike.

“I’ve taken all her toys or her electronics away; her phone, no privileges on the TV or computer and still she just laughs about it,” said Melinda.

Passing motorists seemed to approve of this tough love including honking and giving the thumbs up.

“They need to learn a lesson and that’s not abuse,” said one passerby. “She did something, she’s paying for it. You need consequences.”


Image via WESH

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