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Dania Ramirez, Zoe Saldana, and Kelis kicked it at the Hennessy Artistry Finale last night in LA.  We really don’t have anything to say, but just wanted to post a little pretty to save your eyes from the yellowness that was just posted below.  Kelis probably doesn’t get that offended when people call her style”weird”.

More pics from that event:

Even more pics right about now…

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  • G-Roc

    Kelis can get away with anything shawty!

  • The Real Essence 1

    ^No she can’t

  • trackdawg

    Hahaha! Second!!



  • Insatiable_qt

    @ DROCK

    How do you get your pic to show as your Gravatar? I want to upload a pic.

  • kelis

    Those Ross women really have some eyes on them. And Jaleel White.. WHAT??? How is he paying his bills? He looks nice though. Only Kelis could pull off that crazy outfit.

  • Hiphopisgarbage

    Dania ramirez is some kind of fine. New Heroes actress.

  • Church Jackson

    @ The Real Essence 1

    Yeah like being cast as Uhura in that new Star Trek re-boot going into production in a few months. I would’ve preferred Meagan Good myself.

  • Happy 2 B Nappy

    Damn, that chick in the first picture has man hands and looks as if she was about to kiss Kelis. Kelis was only interested in the phone…she was probably texting her boo…Nas!

  • nboogie

    zoe is pure dominicana!!! she is not black.. bc some ignorant asses cant figure out what she is she exploits their stupidity.. good for her!! let her make her money, stop hating bc these big wigs dont want to use a black chick for a black chick role.

  • TingTong

    Is Kelis pregnant?

  • Guilty Pleasure

    Mmmm, Larenz Tate can get it….

  • samira

    I love her style…Kelis that is

  • paula

    dominican beauties and kelis is gorgeous.

  • Leah

    Leave Kelis alone, I love how she does what she wants.

  • mzc2u

    Kelis is a cutie, I like her style. When is her next hit going to drop???

  • kelis

    yeah, Larenz Tate can definitely get it…


    I love…


    so much….


  • kigali

    I cant hate Kelis anymore. Yes she took my man, but her style is unrivalled. Her hair? No words!

  • Crystal

    Kelis be raw….her style is unique and different and i give her props for not looking like your “average” chick in the game!

  • Caryn

    Zoe and Kelis look cute. Does Zoe have any movies coming out?

  • Jmills

    Do you have to be African American or African to act in black roles. Don’t black people live in all locations of the world. Why can’t she be proud of her Hispanic culture and still be black.

  • Eye

    Everytime someone brings up race they just sound stupid. There are black people in the DR just like there are black people in Cuba or El Salvador. Just because you speak another language doesn’t mean that you aren’t black. Jesus Christ!!!!

    I love Skate Board P!!!!

    Kelis is sloppy and that doesn’t equate to having style.

  • candi

    whhhhhhatttttttttttt d nice is still alive?! lol yeah umm larenz is look quite tasty 🙂

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