Biggie 2.0

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The New York Times profiled the casting for the new Biggie movie.

To standout from the gangsta crowd, Mr. Louisma wore a shiny black suit, a black-on-black shirt and tie, a tilted Fedora and a silver chain. “Biggie wasn’t all street,” he explained. “Biggie was about his paper, about making his money.”

That’s the best Mr. Louisma can do for some ‘thug appeal’? SMH. The camouflage Biggie looks comedy.

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  • sylvia


  • http://iisretired I Stay SMH

    Shar Jackson said

    You shoulda had me open up the VMA’s!







  • http://iisretired I Stay SMH

    Second – who? What ya’ll talkin? Louisma? What?

    Mornin crew please email me…I’m AWOL again.

    I thought that chubby lil suicidal guy was playin him?

  • Me

    Why the hell every fat black man thinks he looks like Biggie?

  • Wudzz

    all 3 of them suck at lookin like big. cant they just let will smith gain some weigth.

  • !Dope Girl Fresh!

    ppfffffffft!!! LMAO! They’re all wack. (R.I.P Biggie)

  • 1TruDiva from Keta's 'puter, dammit!

    LSHIFOMC @ Piston36!

    (Laughed So Hard I Fell Outta My Chair)

    Yooooos wrong on sooo many levels for THAT one!


  • 1TruDiva from Keta's 'puter, dammit!

    @ I Stay SMH–

    Check your MySpace page, hun! I sent you a reply!

  • 1TruDiva from Keta's 'puter, dammit!

    ***thinkin’ about who could play Biggie***

    Let’s see…

    That nucca that tried to rob me. He was fat, black and ugly. Fat bastid couldn’t even run! Lol!

    OK. Then there’s the cable man I saw yesterday in my neighborhood. Naw–he tooooo big! Lol!

    What about the Asst. Manager at Kentucky Fried Chicken on Randleman Road? Naw, he look like he’d eat the whole cast and crew! Lmao!!!!!!!

    OK. OK! The big dude that worked at Bob’s corner market over by Wet an’ Wild? Oh, shoot–he died the other week! Heart just gave out! (RIP wit’ Biggie)

    How about…Kevin that I went to school wit’? Naw, that brotha STILL thinks Biggie’s alive!

    They’re gonna have to find some random brotha or one that’s tryin’ to break into the acting game..or what about…….

    BEANS?????? He could really use the money to but a car!!!!!!!!!


  • real talk now

    Is it Biggie 1.25 or 1.50 ???????????

  • Mr. Targetsquad





  • Setting the Record Straight

    wrong wrong wrong!!! all wrong.

    Biggie’s rap was all about gangsta, but he kept it clean and luxurious.

    Versace Shades, Gucci Sweaters, fine linen. Biggie was a sharp dresser.

    so those fatties need to come again with their project wear!!!!!

  • Ms. Sugar walls

    What happened to pac the movie? i don’t mind Biggie, Because Biggie was tight! I think that they were 2 different rappers, with different styles! I Miss both of them, and it was so sad that they were taken so ealry in life! 😦

  • Ms. Sugar walls


  • Mahogany

    Sup Ms Sugar.

    They got me feeling melancholy on B.I.G.

    Now I gotta put life or death in the cd changer.

    Oh and these guys need to try again.


  • me that's who

    lawd help me ms walls gravatar followming everywhere

    we in ja rule 9 smh

    ahhahhahhahhahhahh i like the biggie in all black, the one in camaflouge…….he could get it (sike) lol

  • me that's who

    who the hell said beans as biggie, lmmfao he could use a job huh????? i wonder if he gon audition?????

    all them fake ass rapper actors prolly gon audition

    50 cent xibit ja rule cam’ron all them no acting as fools…

  • me that's who

    lmmfao ms walls if i see you anywhere else imma put a cyber whoopin on you for that gravatar, lmao howcome it ain’t bothering nobody but me… they pose for that picture?????? lmao

  • slimting

    Whatever happened to that fat rapper from the West Coast that people felt sounded just like Biggie? I think his name was Guerilla Black. Atleast he SOUNDS like Biggie and i doubt dude would have a problem gaining more weight.

  • Ms. Sugar walls

    I don’t know how they posed for that picutre, They wouldn’t of got a good picture from me, TO BUSY GOING UP, and DOWN! LOL

    I like it! MAHOG….WHAT IS UP! I am HIGH as well, eating chilling, and of course smoking!

    MTW please don’t cyber whoop me! LOL

  • 4Josiah

    *LOL @ Pistons36*

    None of them look to me like they can pull Biggie off. Hoodie dude must be an “aspiring model/actor” because that pose is soooooooooooooo not Biggie & sooooooooooo ANTM. (America’s Next Top Model)

  • Trini Chica in BK

    GURIELLA BALCK WHERE ARE YOU? He look and sounds like BIGGIE. Maybe they don’t want him to stand in as he is from the West Coast….Just a thought

  • NoWAY

    None of those crust bombs qualify as Big. Noway.

  • Black Velveteen

    The first guy reminds me of Chubb Rock LOL

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