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Kanye West was out and about in LA after grabbing a bite at Katsuya Restaurant. We ain’t mad at the varsity football swag, but just how long is going to let that stuff on his head grow? Interesting cat, that Yeezy is.

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  • Ms Rai

    first. . .

  • BlackLADYDoctor

    *Not 1st*

    I agree, he is one interesting cat. I thought he was moving to Dubai?

  • http://www.basiqs.com Mr. Sin

    he got that billy ocean swag meets richie cunningham. yall dont know bout all that lol!

  • grillfixer

    He’s late really, this was wore in high school! y no1 says n e thing i dont know!

  • Music

    Probably Kanye is working already on a new album?
    When is coming the BP3?

    GO TO MEDIATAKEOUT, Beyonce is still claiming she wrote If I were a boy! I always knew Beyonce is a neurotic lyer!

  • creolesugar


  • marie

    LOVE HIM. i love kanye, he can do no wrong.



  • swagger jacker

    kanye dress lame. somebody had to say it.

  • WHoCAREs

    That brother is about to pull a Britney Spears on us…

  • Playlist

    Where can I cop those jeans?

  • http://myspace.com/mockrockstar Mock Rock Star

    Hey Kanye, can U cook Chimpmunk face??? I like his hair like that, but I hope he doesn’t grow any nasty ass locks or nasty cornrolls…keep it low Kanye

  • laney28

    He actually looks decent.

  • Tanya

    Kanye is always looking unique. He does have to follow anyone else’s swag. You go bro’

  • Tanya

    He does not have to follow anyone else’s swag.

  • blaw


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  • Renee

    The stuff on his head is called hair and he can grow it as long as he wants. Stop (self)-hating.

  • beloved

    i love kanye i dont care how he looks or acts,as for his hair he dont need to cut it, just keep it combed

  • http://www.urbanfix.net Urbanfix.net

    Respect to Kanye for switching up his style everynow and then, not looking forward to his actual clothing line when he creates one though, heres hoping the lessons in Europe pay off.

  • JuiCy

    Love hiim!! He can no nuffin wrong

  • The Th3rd

    He starting to look normal agian. haven’t seen him smile in a minute. just hope he gets a haircut next lol

  • always knew

    Kanye is all right with me! love Heartless and Love Lockdown…Go Kanye!…

  • GQ (Mrs. PW)

    love u kanye!! 🙂

  • Bailey Moore

    Leave my handsome alone. Kanye, you look good just the way you are.

  • kinkz

    kanye needs to climb under a rock with a huge plate of humble pie. i’m sick of his EGO but keep makin dat paper bro’! I ain’t hating…well sorta..mind passin me some stacks?

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