Bad Eats: A Gallery Of Epic Thanksgiving #StrugglePlates That Should Get Tossed

- By Bossip Staff
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The Worst Thanksgiving Plates

Thanksgiving came and went and we all enjoyed too much food. You know what Thanksgiving also brings? People tweeting their plates and spreads on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for the entire world to see. But inevitably, just as many people tweet their plates and they’re full of struggle. While we don’t want to besmirch anyone’s food for the season, we shall take this time to make fun of the plates that had less turkey and more struggle. Thanks for the lolz.

That looks like preschool lunch.

Be honest, you thought those were fireworks on the plate.

Vomit City.

The squares on the mac & cheese isn’t popping.

Poor Lil Scrappy

It looks like that chicken just ate a struggle plate

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    It’s like someone melted a Sesame Street character

    That s*** looks like the Death Star

    Styrofoam plates = struggle. And that’s not the least of the issues.

    Not the mac and cheese in a peel away container, though.


    Hamburger couldn’t help this massive struggle explosion.

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