Florida Crazies: Bugged Out Boca Raton Beyotch Attacks Man With Knife During FIRST DATE Because He Wouldn’t Be Her Boyfriend!

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These hoes be actin’ up

Florida Woman Attacks Man On First Date When Refused To Be Her Boyfriend

Via Sun-Sentinel

It may have been the worst first date ever.

Following an argument about whether or not she could call herself the victim’s girlfriend, Jillian Martone, 35, threatened her date’s life with a kitchen knife and smashed his apartment window with a rock, according to Boca Raton police.

Just after midnight Wednesday, police responded to an apartment in the 300 block of NW 67th Street, according to a police report.

Outside the apartment, police found a hysterical Martone. Crying, she told officers she was in a fight with a man inside the apartment.

An officer walked up to the apartment and noticed someone had smashed the window.

Wait, SHE’S hyterical???

Efren Molina, 39, greeted officers at the door. There was a cut on his hand. Blood lined the stairwell wall leading from the second floor to the first floor and out the door. There was a rock next to the front door.

Molina told police he met Martone for the first time earlier in the week. They soon arranged a first date, and Molina picked her up Tuesday. They went out for food and drinks, the report states.

“Afterward,” according to the report, “Molina brought Martone back to this apartment where they stayed for several hours.”

At some point in the night, Martone allegedly made a comment about being Molina’s girlfriend. But Molina evidently disagreed, according to the report. He told Martone they were not dating.

“Martone became enraged,” police said. Molina told Martone to get out of his apartment. But Martone wouldn’t leave, reportedly punched Molina, instead.

After Molina again told Martone to leave, She ran into the kitchen and grabbed a knife, according to the report. That’s when Molina called for his roommate, who rushed into the living room to see what all the commotion was about.

The roommate stood there and watched Molina wrestle the knife out of Martone’s hand. Molina then dragged Martone down the stairs and threw her out. Outside, she smashed Molina’s window with two large rocks

What ever happened to women being chosen by men? Sheesh…somebody get this thirsty broad a straight-jacket and a bottle of water ASAP!

Image via Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

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