Can Money Buy Beauty? These Ladies Weren’t Bangers Until They Got Famous

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Women That Got Hot After Fame

There’s a pretty prevalent idea that you can buy beauty. And while we know that’s not possible, some women have benefitted from a dose of fame to help them get themselves looking much better. Whether it be plastic surgery or just access to personal trainers, these celebrities pulled it together once the money came in.

Lady Gaga – She underwent a full transformation that called for some to consider her a banger…she’s clearly a sex symbol though.

Lil Kim – Thank God for all that surgery…until it went overboard.

Nicki Minaj – Same here. Man, she really did follow Kim’s footsteps didn’t she?

Jennifer Hudson – She really got herself fit after she got famous…but she can stop losing weight now.

Chyna – She got totally redone with plastic surgery after looking like a man in her debut.

Charli Baltimore – She came in as a rugged MC but smoothed out and got fine as hell.

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    Eve – Same for her…

    Coco – Look at the big difference here…Ice T is a lucky man.

    Missy Elliott – She got famous and got healthy. Good for her.

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