In White Folks News: Demi Moore’s Daughters Tell Her To Stop Being A Miserable Beyotch Mourning Divorce With Ashton Kutcher And Move On With Life

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Stop ya bloodclot cryin’!!

Demi Moore’s Daughters Beg Her To Get Over Ashton Kutcher

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As Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis stroll hand-in-hand on their romantic Italian getaway, his estranged wife Demi Moore is once again fighting with her daughters, this time over her inability to let their soon-to-be ex-stepfather go from her life, a source tells exclusively.

Rumer, Scout and Tallulah Willis want their 50-year-old mother to divorce Ashton now, a year after he was caught cheating on her, so she can finally end that chapter of her life.

“Demi just can’t let go of Ashton despite him obviously moving on from her, and her daughters don’t think it’s healthy or helpful for her,” a source close to the girls exclusively told

“They are begging her to get over Ashton and move on with her life!”

Demi needs a glass of water and a “lollipop” to get that bitter, salty, taste out of her mouth.

As previously reported, after Demi’s trip to rehab her daughters were unhappy with how she continued to deal with her problems, and their relationship rapidly began to fall apart.

They tried to mend fences recently, but according to the source things are turning sour once again.

“All three girls want her to divorce Ashton and stop talking about him, they think that she needs to focus on the future and quit worrying about what he is doing,” the source says.

The photos of Ashton and Mila together have been a source of pain for Demi, who complains about their relationship to her daughters.

“Demi refuses to let it go, and her daughters are trying everything they can to get through to her that things are over with Ashton,” the source says. “They love their mom but they want her to stop talking about Ashton!”

We get that this divorce is clearly painful for Demi, but at what point do you have pride about yourself and say “f**k Ashton”???

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