Black Political Leaders In Chicago Fear That A White Person May Swoop In And Take Shady Jesse Jackson Jr’s Seat In Congress

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Fear of a white planet?

Black Leaders In Chicago Fear A White Person Taking Jesse Jackson Jr’s Congressional Seat

Black leaders in Chicago are worried that a white person may take the congressional seat formerly held by Jesse Jackson, Jr., son of civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, Politico reported Tuesday.

The concern is that so many black candidates are competing for the position that a white candidate may step in and take the seat.

“The worries escalated this week after former Rep. Debbie Halvorson, a white Democrat and veteran of suburban Chicago politics, threw her hat into the ring,” Alex Isenstadt wrote.

“There’s a great deal of concern that Debbie Halvorson would win because the black vote would be split 18 ways,” Delmarrie Cobb, a longtime Democratic political consultant in Chicago said.

“The battle we have is that we can’t afford to lose a black voice in Congress,” she added. “It would be a terrible loss in many ways,” she added.

According to Politico, losing the seat to a white person, no matter how qualified, would “be a blow to the black establishment.”

Chicago is the home of the first black POTUS and the first black congressman, in Windy City, race matters.

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