*Exclusive* Shots Fired: Rapper “The Pre$ident” Says Jeezy Isn’t Anyone To Worry About, So Fck Who I Sound Like” [Video]

- By Bossip Staff

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We caught up with the hood rapper “The Pre$ident” who is affiliated with Maybach, Snoop, Jim Jones, and others:

Bossip: Who is the President?
Pres: Self made dude from the streets. I lived in NY,Houston, LA, and Miami.

Bossip: Who are some musical influences?
Pres: The Best. Jay-Z, Wayne, and Rick Ross. I stay in tune with the best in the game as I inspire to be. I don’t fun with a lot of them personally, but I pay attention to the music.

Bossip: How long have you been doing music?
Pres: 5-years. Campaigning for 2 years. Going getting my respect.

Bossip: How are you different in the game?
Pres: I’m the president. People say I sound like different people. Jeezy especially. He felt like I sound like him, but it’s whatever. So fck who I sound like I sound like me.

Bossip: So is there any type of beef with you and Jeezy?
Pres: No he’s not anyone I need to be worried about. A lot of rappers are scared of me you know. But I do what I do. The game isn’t always arms open to newcomers. I’m a mogul. It’s going to take time but it’s worth the wait.

Bossip: What’s the next project you dropping? “The Prez-Z”
Pres: A brick of music. I study music. I’m paying homage to jay-z on this joint so “The Prez-Z” Mixtape basically expressing myself lyrically and step up to the plate like one of the greatest in the game.

Bossip: What kind of content can we look for ?
Pres: I do original content so I will be put out quality street music. I’m Black President. I roll light heavy ice 200,000 on my neck no security. So when you see me I represent the first black president in the rap gave… it is what is.

Bossip: Who are your favorite producers?
Pres: Drumma Boy is dope but I don’t get caught up in producer. It’s all about what you write. Kanye and Swiss are dudes I respect and would like to work with in the future.

Bossip: What kind of advice would you give an inspiring artist?
Pres: Find your lane man. Most importantly. Second have a budget. You also have to stay consistent. 2 years ago people were laughing at me now they my interns. Beleive in yourself and master your craft. Im trying to be a mogul so I stay ready for this.

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