Showdown in Motown: Katt Williams vs. Steve Harvey

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It’s about to go down between Katt Williams and Steve Harvey:

A new standup comic beef has emerged between Katt Williams and Steve Harvey – mostly on Williams’ part – that is expected to be settled during a head-to-head battle on New Year’s Eve in Detroit.

Instigating from the sideline is fellow comic Jamie Foxx, who joined co-hosts of his Sirius XM FoxxHole radio show on Dec. 19 to comment on the absurdity of Williams calling out Harvey in advance of their Dec. 31 show.

First, Foxx plays a clip of Williams dissing Harvey. “I wanna apologize for what’s gonna happen,” Williams said of the joint comedy gig. “But the second that you get on stage, I need you to understand that that’s your final time as the ‘King of Comedy.’ Water seeks its own level, you can’t stop it playboy. It is what it is, so I hope you’re ready. I hope you got a team of writers. You gonna need about six or seven of ’em….”

Steve Harvey then calls in and says he’s baffled by the whole thing. “I’ve always been cool with Katt. He said in an interview that back in LA, I didn’t know who he was,” Harvey told Foxx and crew. “I mean understand, I didn’t know who he was when I was on the radio in LA. He hadn’t been in any movies or anything, and the brother was just not that known. He was talking about me in the clubs, and I just asked on the radio, whoever Katt Williams is, to call me.

“He called me, we straightened it out. We became friends. We’ve been cool ever since, so I thought.”

On a serious note, Katt Williams came hard, so he better be prepared with some new sh*t. Bossip folk, what’s the business? Is Katt gonna take the crown, or is Steve Harvey gonna put his little ass in time out…forever?

Here’s the audio of Katt going at Steve below. SMH

…and Steve’s response is…



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