Making It Rain Them UnLucky Hoes: 7-Time Powerball Winner Shares Secrets On How To Win

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He won SEVEN times? We are all ears

7-Time Lottery Winner Shares Secrets To Winning

Since you’re sitting here surfing the internet and passing the time until the seemingly 5 hours between 4:47 and 5:00, we’ll assume that you didn’t win the $550 million Powerball lottery yesterday. Let’s face it, most of us just aren’t that lucky.

And then, there’s this guy.

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Seven-time Lottery Game Grand Prize winner Richard Lustig has some advice on how to increase one’s odds of winning. “Luck has nothing to do with it,” he told WKMG Orlando.

He advises treating the lottery like it’s a job, playing each and every week, according to WKMG. “Playing smart” each week includes sticking to a budget and only buying the amount of tickets one can afford. “You don’t want to wake up Thursday morning and realize you’re a loser and then pull your hair out trying to replace the money you spent,” he told WKMG.

Here are four rules he says to stick to (via WPTV):
Pick your own numbers instead of having the machine do it for you

-Research and see if your numbers have won before

-Select your ten sets of numbers and keep those if you continue buying tickets

-Buy as many tickets as you can afford

“Always pick the same numbers,” he said on Tuesday. “Don’t play Quick Picks. When you play Quick Picks, your odds are always going to be at their worst.”

These sound like fairly easy rules to follow if you want to make it rain millions. Good luck!

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