Chivalry Is Dead: 10 Men Who Have No Idea How To Treat Women

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Men Who Lack Chivalry

Women are hard to figure out. Sometimes it takes years or even decades to understand what your significant other is thinking. But we also know that some men out there just don’t ever understand women and they just don’t even seem to try. These guys have had bad histories of handling women and don’t appear to ever be getting better.

SMH someone help these fools.

Chris Brown – He’s either beating up a woman, stealing a woman’s cell phone, cheating on a woman or telling a woman he’ll poo in her eye. What a gentleman.

Joe Budden – He’s dogged out his ex, been accused of beating on another one and just kicked a woman out of his show for reporting the truth.

Funkmaster Flex – He’s also had some run-ins with women and the law. And he sure likes to scream at them on-air.

Stevie J – Just peep the show. Steebie is all dog and even Eve can testify.

Eric Williams – He threw water on his queen. Not good, homie.

Dez Bryant – He smacked his own momma so you know he won’t treat you right. His own momma!

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    Javale McGee – Did you read the story of him not even getting his jump off a damn Chipotle burrito? On second thought, Chipotle signifies love. He didn’t want to send the wrong signals probably.

    Tiki Barber – He did his ex wife dirty and had his new boo locked away to avoid paparazzi. He’s just wrong on all levels.

    Mitt Rimney – Can’t forget Mitt and his binders full of women. We don’t think he knows a thing about taking care of ladies. In fact…

    GOP – Lets lump all these clowns together. Remember how they spent all year making r-ape sound awesome? Yeah, it’s not.

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