Race Matters: UCLA Student Posts Racist Sign Saying That Asian Women Are “White Boy Worshipping Slores”

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What’s wrong with Wong wanting white?

UCLA Student Posts Racist Sign About Asian Women Dating White Men

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About a hundred people rallied outside Kerckhoff Hall earlier today, following acts of vandalism involving racial and sexist slurs that were reported to police earlier this week.

On Tuesday, a student found a piece of paper with the words “asian women R Honkie white-boy worshipping Whores” attached to a Vietnamese Student Union sign in Kerckhoff Hall. Wednesday, a similar phrase was found handwritten on the door of a bathroom stall in Powell Library. University police are currently investigating both incidents.

Amid chants of “hey, hey, ho, ho; Racism has got to go” and people holding colorful signs, speakers from various campus groups expressed their disappointment with the occurrences at the rally, which was hosted by the Vietnamese Student Union.

Anees Hasnain, the student who reported the slurs on the Vietnamese Student Union sign to UCPD, said she felt numb and was shocked when she found the sign.

She added she is concerned by repeated incidents of hate speech on campus, referring to reports from earlier this year about anti-Mexican and sexist slurs written on an apartment door, and a video posted by former UCLA student Alexandra Wallace that included derogatory comments about Asian students.

“How can this be our home if my peers do not feel safe?” Hasnain said to the crowd. “It is up to all staff, faculty and students to help those suffering from discrimination.”

What no-poon-gettin’ Asian kid is salty that he’s walking around campus with a dry “Johnson”?? Hatin’ azz ninja…

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