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Since we love you guys, here are a couple snippets from the Hilary Clinton interview with Essence (even though we’re still ridin with Barack all day!):

On issues, relating to Black men:

“I reject the conversation about the failure of these young men,” she says. “These could be 1.4 million husbands, fathers and role models. When we squander their potential, we squander America’s potential. Ultimately then, the crisis of young men of color is a national crisis. ”

On her marriage:

“I know the truth of my life and of my marriage, my relationship and partnership, my deep abiding friendship with my husband. It’s been enormously supportive to me through most of my life. Now obviously we’ve had challenges as everybody in the world knows. “But I never doubted that it was a marriage worth investing in even in the midst of those challenges,” she says, “and I’m really happy that I made that decision. Again, not a decision for everybody. And I think it’s so important for women to stand up for the right of women to make a decision that is best for them.”

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  • nahnah

    only black people can save themselves!

  • shoeluva


  • AND...

    First of all that pic was a mess. If black men want to do better they will if they don’t they won’t. Just stop crying about how hard your lives have been. Stop acting like boys and be men. As for Hillary she may not win but she is giving them a challenge.

  • elle

    One thing is correct, having so many black men in jail is a National Crisis for this Country.

    This country would be better off served by preventing Black/AA Men of The United States from jail not being passive on filling cells.

    But as someone else stated…it’s time for people to take charge of their lives.

    Make better choices, step into the father’s/mother’s role for real.

    Do the things needed to become successful for yourselves and your families.

  • elle

    this cover is sick. 😦

  • Um....Yeah

    Howaboutstop being 40 y/o thugs and rappers

  • Um....Yeah

    How about stop being 40 y/o thugs and rappers


    HILLARY IS HOT…but it’s Obama for the Win…

  • Mary J Blige

    nice try to win us over Hil, but I aint buyin it. To be perfectly honest the majority of young black men who are considered ‘failures’ squandered their opportunities themselves and it started with their own rejection of certain ideals (primarily education & good Christian values) and placing their emphasis on other aspirations (making quick bucks via music/crime scense, living an ostentatious opportunistic lifestyle). My nephew came out a success despite living in a deprived area and it was rather the state which helped him fulfil his potential…but I dont live in every state so this can only be an opinion.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE her view on marriage. I’m not saying that every woman should stick with a man who does her wrong (hell even i had to drop K-Ci’s abusin ass after a while) but I LOVE the fact that she actually FOUGHT for her marriage. so rare these days. Good luck to you Hilary (altho Barrack still gets my vote)

    All my love

    Mary J

  • Mary J Blige


  • STFU

    LOL, I love Radar.

    Anyway, people are going to be and do what they want. The number of black men in jail is troubling, but it’s not representative of the whole. I feel sorry for those brothers but I don’t feel anything more than that. I feel sorry they didn’t have good role models, sorry they were abandoned and even more sorry for the children many of them are leaving without a father.

    My solution: go back to our Christian roots and family values. Honor the love and committment in our families and put health, safety and education above EVERYTHING else. Honor and idolize smart, successful honorable people and not celebrities. Watch less tv, read more books.


  • ilish

    Are you serious? Oh no, they didn’t. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Oh, they played Barak out with this. I’ve seen that cover before. It’s a rehash of the Vanity Fair cover from a few years back, with Tom Ford, Scarlett Johannson, and Keira Knightly. They just took the heads of the bodies and photoshopped it.

    Oh but wait, it gets better. AND HERE’S THE KICKER. You see how they have Barak as the one lying on the floor right, and how Hilary’s naked, and Rudy comes off like a pimp . . .you’re probably thinking it’s some right wing conspiracy thing, right? Well think again. RADAR is a BLACK OWNED company. Do you wanna know who’s investment group ownes the magazine that just played out Barak Obama with that cover . . .Jesse Jackson’s son, Yusef.

  • HOPE


    Do we need any more proof of how people view us? Guiliani is fully dressed while the black man is down on all fours naked! Racism is alive and well!

  • nahnah

    how about hilary who’s naked? what in the world are you talking about, hope? and he’s not on all fours!

  • Effin For Beats

    That cover is funny! However, Hillary can go straight to hell! Her husband, Bill, is responsible for so many Black men being incarcerated when he passed the maximum sentence for crack dealers and the 3 strikes rule. That’s what started this entire epidemic of so many Black men being hemmed up in the system.

  • brea

    Don’t be foolish enough to think that any of them posed for this picture. It is totally disrespectful. But atleast they covered Guiliani up. Why did the woman and the black man have to be naked.

    I think whoever did that is a sick as individual. And, please no and understand that there is a plan to jail every young black man in America. Because the prisons have become privitazied.

    And for those of you who don’t know what that means that means legal slavery. They can make them work for nothing and call it paying their debt back to society.

    Yes some black men need to stop hanging out on the corners and making it so easy for them to catch you up in the system.

    But be real clear it is not a mistake nor a coincidence that all of these black men are being locked up. What happens when you get locked up? Um you can’t vote and you can’t find a decent job. You can’t find a job to take care of yourself are you going to starve? No. You are going to get out there and do what you have to do. Hence the cycle repeating itself.

    What has been the goal to do the black family since America began? Divide and conquer. If you take away the head the neck and the body can’t survive.

    All you have to do is look at our neighborhoods and you see the neck and the body can’t survive.

  • StopTheMadness

    Maybe if some of these sistas would keep their legs closed, or more of these brothas would use a condom, they wouldnt be breeding the next generation of boys who dont know their fathers and have no positive role models in their lives.

    People can can blame black men all they want, and yes, these young men have to take ultimate responsibility. But people are a product of their environment. 2/3 of all black kids now are born to single mothers, and thats at the root of most of the social problems the black community has to deal with.

    I’m tired of people blaming racism and the legacy of slavery. Nonsense. It begins in the home, and if the home environment is unhealthy, then the kid has an uphill climb from the very beginnig of his/her life.

    When you look at the statistics , non-US-born blacks (from Africa/ the West Indies,etc) have a lower illegitimacy rate, higher average household income (even though many of them came here with nothing) , higher rate of home ownership, their kids go to college at a higher rate, etc. All this , despite the fact they face the same racism than American born blacks, and even MORE discrimation sometimes for having blacker/darker skin sometimes, not knowing the language well, having a different accent, or whatever the case is. (My family came here when I was a little kid, so I’ve seen it first hand. I’ve gotten so tired of hearign AA’s complain that black immigrants are succesful because the govt gives them “special loans” to start a business, etc. Nonsense)

    So some of y’all need to stop blaming “the man”, get off your butts and handle business , instead of waiting for sympathetic white liberals like Hillary to stand up for black people.

  • AND...

    @ StopTheMadness

    So some of y’all need to stop blaming “the man”, get off your butts and handle business , instead of waiting for sympathetic white liberals like Hillary to stand up for black people.


    You betta say that. This is what I live by. If you want it work for it and earn it. I want my future husband to have the same mindset as this person. Stop waiting for someone to ‘give’ you something and just work for it. I don’t want any handouts.

  • AND...


    No excuses no one can put me in jail if I don’t commit any crimes, PERIOD. If you break the law you go to jail. Are some people trying to put more black men in jail yes but the black has to stop making it soo damn easy. They practically coming out the womb with prison numbers.

  • Jus Another Opinion

    Damn did she say 1.4 million father, role models, adn etc…so what are the others oh yell drug dealers and deatbeats…I think she knows our community.

  • DEEDY F.


  • AND...

    Bottom line the plight of black men can only be changed by black men. If you tired of being called lazy, get a ‘legal’ job. If you tired of being put in jail, stop committing crimes. If you tired of being looked down upon, do something worthy of praise. If you tired of being stereotyped, stop giving people more examples of them. DO BETTER.

  • awake

    I do believe in the virtues of hard work, family, community but I am also a conspiracy theorist. We (Black America) have been the victims (and yes in some cases the perpetuators) of what seems like a conspiracy to destroy our race. In this country we’ve had to endure slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, Reganomics, the Clinton Era, and now the Bush Era. I know I’m leaving many other things out but the point is there is some real deal sh!t going on and we need to work together to save our families and our communities. Our sons and daughters need to be raised right: loved, cherished, disciplined, educated, inspired. It’s hard to do what we need to do though because we are often struggling to make ends meet… We need to focus on what we can do to make it better before it’s too late.

  • http://whoseamerica.blogspot.com/ daria

    How are they going to steal Tom Ford’s ish? ohmif-inggoodness, I should cut them for this. I love TF. This is insulting to him.

  • AND...

    @ awake

    Income/salary is directly affected by eduation level. Those people who can’t do better b/c ‘we are often struggling to make ends meet…’ are like that by choice. Education is the key and it’s free in this country unlike others. That’s the reason Oprah built a school in Africa instead of just giving away material things to kids. What she has given them is hope and an opportunity. Something that many black americans take for granted.

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