Random Ridiculousness: Chinese “Maternity Hotel” In California Sparks Controversy, Residents Protest Against

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Chinese “Maternity Hotel” California Sparks Controversy And Protest

These protesters do have a valid point…

Via San Bernardino Sun:

Some 70 people picketed a busy city intersection on Saturday protesting what they say is an illegal Chinese maternity operation. Brightly colored signs reading “Not in Chino Hills” and “No Birth Tourism” decorated the intersection of Peyton Avenue and Chino Hills Parkway for more than two hours. It was the first protest by the group Not In Chino Hills, which was organized just two weeks ago.

“Chino Hills is a nice family oriented town. We don’t want a maternal hotel that is a business in a residential area,” said Rossana. Mitchell, one of the group’s organizers. “And there’s the moral issue,” said Mitchell, a 22-year resident of the city. “My father came to this country from Peru and left us all (eight children) until he earned enough money to get us visas to come here legally, said Mitchell, who became a U.S. citizen at age 17. “All of us (children) worked in the system and have done really well. There are three doctors among the siblings, said Mitchell, who is a family law attorney in Chino Hills.

What the picketers say is morally wrong about the “maternity motel” is that children born there have dual citizenship and at age 21 can use that to bring family members in the country. “These woman are coming to the United States under false pretenses…They are finding out about this through a website that instructs them on how to come legally, but that is under false pretenses,” said Kelly Good, one of the protesters and a 20-year resident of Chino Hills.

“They are pregnant and their goal is to have a baby here in the United States so that the child can be a United States citizen,” Good said. Action should be taken against “these physicians and the hospitals…that are contracting with this `hotel’ to treat these residents and their babies,” Good said. Protester Sandy Hayden said that the hilltop house is producing people who will “infiltrate our country.” The children born there will grow up in China and return to the United States to attend college, taking precious college slots away from U.S citizens, she said.


San Bernardino Sun

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