Blast from the Past: Big Tigga

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is a young throwback shot of Tigga back in the day. The picture is not the clearest, but we can spot that nose from a mile away. Who knew he was so limber?

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  • MarieDaGuru


  • kigali

    Yeah, he would be so much more dignified if he had an AK47 in one hand and a forty in the other. What a punk!

  • Shaahn

    Why is his hand open?

  • Keeping It Real

    I guess Superhead was right about that dude!!..LOL

  • Keeping It Real

    I guess Superhead was right about that dude…LOL

  • it's me

    Good eyesight Shaahn. I never noticed the open hand. I’ve seen this picture before a looooong time ago and still it never gets old. He shouldn’t even try to dispute Superhead after this ish.

    **Big Tigga the cat is out of the bag.**

  • ChineseChickenWingz

    awww man,this is not a good look or a good time for this pic to pop up

  • Pervster

    “Come on, Vogue…let yo body move to the rhythm..”

    Damn Tig, not a good look AT ALL dog!

  • Bird

    Wow. I know he is going to hate you guys for this. I REALLY bolsters Superhead’s claims. Poor Tig. I know he needs a hug right about now.

  • neekah

    Damn Superbimbo was right about him. I never saw a straight man pose like that. lmao

  • missj

    I know Tigger is heated that his reputation has been tarnished by someone the likes of Ms. Steffans.

  • Trini Chica in BK

    Oh MY!

  • Trini Chica in BK

    This is really looking very gayish! Memba Tigga in R kelly. Damn I thought he was the truth!

  • Smartie

    And yet he continues to deny the whole Miami hotel scenario with Tyson…..

  • TeeHeeHeeee

    WOW he is a gaybob!!

  • kigali


    Yes because this old as picture is proof positive that the hotel rumors are true.

    Stop Idiocy at the borders! No illegal idiot immigration.

  • star


  • Shawne (girl)

    I saw this pic years ago…and for this reason always believed Superhead…

  • ThatTouchOfPink

    Lawd have mercy.

    Tiggers LEG EXTENSION is on point!

    . . .and the JaZz Hands!!!!

    . . .gets me every time!

    I’m done . ..

  • ohmydamn

    LMFAO…this pic is sooo funny and sooo gay!

  • ohmydamn

    Angie23, stretching and posing are two different things…he seems to pull both off pretty well. And also he has a jazz hand…What reg. man period stretches with his toes flexed, leg straight up and a jazz hand? I don’t know none…

  • Theassignee

    Who put that boy out there like that?

    The caption for this pic should be: (tigger in a sissy voice): See? I told yall I can do it.

  • DEEDY F.


  • DEEDY F.



  • mjb

    “you better work ( cover girl )

    work it girl ( give a twirl )

    do your thing on the runway…”

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