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So it’s prayer that’s been keeping Khloé and Lamar together? We’re sure all the reality tv checks, fragrance money and other endorsements have nothing to do with it!

Via PEOPLE reports:

“We are very spiritual and we say our prayers with each other every night. He will lead the prayers and it is so sweet,” Kardashian said. “Sometimes his plane will land in the next city [at 4 a.m.] and he will still call me and we say our prayers. If I’m asleep and don’t answer he will text me a prayer. It keeps us together.”

Aw isn’t that sweet? Khloe also says that Lamar is somewhat of a Luddite, so she won’t be getting him any electronics for Christmas.

“Kourtney asked, ‘Would Lamar like an iPad mini for Christmas?'” I said, ‘Absolutely not!’ He would have no idea what to do with,” Khloé Kardashian told reporters Thursday after The X Factor. “He’d be, like, ‘I can’t write on this thing.’ ”

Despite his technological ineptitude, Odom does brave Skype to stay connected with his wife while playing away games with the Los Angeles Clippers.

“I have to walk him through it on the phone and it takes forever,” Kardashian joked of getting her husband to use video chatting service. “He’s just not a very big electronics person.”

We wish them a Merry Christmas. Keep up the prayer guys, it’s good for the soul!



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