Bossip’s Who To Watch in 09′: A Preview

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Idris Alba, Taraji P. Henson, Malcolm Gladwell, and John McWhorter all made the list. Find out more under the hood

Idris Alba

His acting game is on point and it his developing sex symbol status doesn’t hurt. Expect Idris to start competing for some higher profile roles in 09′.

Taraji  P. Henson

Taraji  had a breakout performance in “Benjamin Button” starring Brad Pitt, expect her to be on the Hollywood radar next year.

John McWhorter

As more people start questioning the priority we put on racism as a barrier, the works and thinking of John McWhorter may change the perception among some who view  him as a “sellout” scholar.

Malcolm Gladwell

With his new book “Outliers” where he explains the DNA of success, Malcolm Gladwell is planting his intellectual flag on the world at a fast pace.

We would like everyone to jump in here and select a “reader’s choice” and we will rollout an expanded “Who To Watch” list with more celebrities, thinkers, and artists on New Year’s Eve.

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  • grillfixer


  • S&J

    Taraji and Idris get a thumbs up.


    Hey Idris secret lover boo…..

  • bogman1

    Jacky’s been calling this for a minute now!

  • Re

    Benjamin Button was a beautiful movie.

    But it made my eyes hurt. It was 3 HOURS long!
    People left the theater complaining about a headache.


    who’s that third cornball…

  • S&J

    BENJAMIN BUTTON is one of the best films this year! Go see!!!

  • Dina

    the third “cornball” is Malcolm Gladwell, but you’d have to pick up a book once in a while to know that.

  • me888

    I have one of Malcolm Gladwell’s books. It’s good. He has the kind of ‘duh’ genius. Simple, but very lucrative.

  • Kigali (Roughly 70% of USA Black females suffer from cognitive dissonance)

    Benjamin Button reminded me of Forest Gump except that Forest Gump stayed interesting after two hours. Taraji was very good in BB.

    My favorite movie of the year was “Vicky Christinia Barcelona.” Love Woody Allen movies.

  • Re

    Be honest, Taraji didn’t do anything spectacular in Benjamin Button. She played a pleasant woman throughout the whole movie, and nothing in her script called for her to truly act.

    Although I would LOVE to see her rewarded, she’s played in movies where she’s really had to play different characters and really put herself in character mode.

    Nevertheless….Benjamin Button was awesome. But damn, 3 hours though? I almost cried in the theater, wishing the movie to end.

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators (Keepin' It Real - D'Original)

    Oh yeah, Malcolm Gladwell’s Mother is from “The Rock” = Jamaica…

  • Re


    The above statement is to say, she should have recieved Oscars for OTHER movies she’s done. This one in particular was nothing that really blew me out the water.

  • ms thang

    Oh, yeah Malcolm Gladwell – is the new intellectual “IT” boy. You’ve got to read his books. Youtube him regarding Outliders. Great book. He also wrote Tipping Point and Blink. Both excellent. Malcolm will you marry me?!!

  • BlackLADYDoctor

    The Age of American Unreason, by Susan Jacoby.

  • tiff

    so once you have a role in a white movie that’s considered breaking out funny ya want to talk about racism and what’s considered breaking out in the same post

  • Christmas Time aka ATXChick

    Taraji P. Henson all the way (no homo) but im digging her (no homo) she is a great actor and i just love her in jamie foxx just like me video

  • net freak

    Two great black tennis players to watch: Gael Monfils and J.W. Tsonga. American Donald Young will get some attention too.

  • Christmas Time aka ATXChick

    “jody my jody he just a mamma boy thats all…..”
    “im tired of you cheating on my jody….(slap)”

  • Vee (its Bossladee if u nasty)

    I scanned the comments cuz I havent seen Benjamin Button yet and I don’t wanna hear about it. That being said, I think Taraji is making a major come-up in Hollywood. Congrats to her. I wanna see what Idris does too.

  • Jay

    I agree, Benjamin B. did remind me of Forrest Gump. It was a great movie non the less. Taraji has been slept on for way too long. Did anyone else see “Talk to Me”…she KILLED it. Love her.

  • blaq


    YES! Talk to me was an excellent movie, she really stole the show and that’s saying a lot with Don Cheadle in it.

  • ha ha

    Tarji Henson is definitely an actress to look out for.

    she is already raising Oscar buzz for her performance in secret life of Benjamin Buttons

  • It's Me

    Taraji and Idris are great actors. but i don’t know if Idris can “compete for higher profile roles” if he is going to star in a moronic movie with beyonce. he should stay in the closet too if he doesn’t want to disappoint and lose his female fan base. then again, gay is in these days.

  • grace

    Preach, blackprofit!!

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