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Weezy sure does know how to treat a ho like a housewife…

Superhead Talks About Marriage And Says Lil Wayne Is The Love Of Her Life

Recently, Karrine “Superhead” Steffans admited she doesn’t really know her second husband and her marriage was just a sham to get away from her ex-hubby Darius McCrary.

Via Vibe Vixen reports:

“My first husband [Darius McCrary] and I were good friends for like eight years before we started dating, then we got married and that marriage was tumultuous. It ended in divorce but we were still living together after our divorce, then all of a sudden I up and married someone last year unbeknownst to [Darius], just so I could end that relationship. The person that I’m married to now, I don’t even know this person. It was really just for show.”

Karrine also explains her relationship with Lil Wayne

“Wayne and I have kept a relationship through my two husbands, his three kids, three additional baby mamas, three of his albums, three of my books, three of his arrests, one year in prison and three engagements on his part. We are indestructible and I find it fascinating. I’m in constant contact with this person every day, every other day. He is a part of my being. I’m not me without him. He makes me very happy, [but] I couldn’t be with Wayne. I couldn’t live Wayne’s life… It’s an awesome relationship and and it’s something I do want to explore more in my life.”

So your marriage was a sham to end your first one? Who are these dumb azz men wifing up this cesspool of free clinic madness? Do better!

Superhead is the epitome of a ho who needs a damn seats.



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