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Zimmerman Defense Team Releases ‘New’ Photo Of Their Defendant

Scumbag of the century George “Triggerman” Zimmerman and his legal team are still stalling and dragging their feet in a desperate attempt to create evidence to be included in their weak azz defense case for their douchebag client.

In their latest attempt to blur the sequence of events that took place the night Zimmerman shot and killed Trayvon Martin, they’ve re-released a previous photo of Zimmerman in different lighting to enhance the view of his injuries allgedly sustained at the hands of Trayvon.

via The Grio

The defense in the second degree murder case of George Zimmerman has released a color photo showing Zimmerman’s face on the night he shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

The photo is not new, but rather is a color version of a photo previously released through the discovery process. The timing of the photo was questioned by sources close to Trayvon Martin’s family, coming on the heels of fundraising efforts by the Zimmerman team, that have included “thank you” cards signed by Zimmerman.

“This isn’t a new photo,” Crump told theGrio. “It’s a color version of a photograph we’ve already seen.”

“What we’re waiting to see is an X-Ray showing that he’s got a broken nose,” Crump continued, referring to Zimmerman’s injuries on the night of February 26th. “Right now it’s just an allegation.”

Photo Credit: Mark O’Mara



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