The Oldest Man In America Dies at 112

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

According to Livesteez, the oldest brother/man in the U.S. died on Saturday in Sacramento. Luckily, he had a chance to see one of the greatest feats ever – a black President being elected…you know he voted:

The oldest man in the United States died over the weekend in a Sacramento, CA nursing home. George Francis, a 112-year old African American man, reportedly succumbed to congestive heart failure on Saturday. “He lived four years in the 19th century, 100 years in the 20th century, and eight years in the 21st century. We call him the man of three centuries,” said Anthony Francis, the centenarian’s 81-year-old son. “We always attributed his longevity to his mental and physical toughness,” his added. Indeed, Francis, who was born in New Orleans, LA in 1896 must have developed tenacity. Coming into the world just a generation after Reconstruction, then growing to adulthood in the deep Jim Crow south, would seemingly require as much from a black man. Those of us from more recent generations can scarcely imagine the vast changes a 112-year lifetime would behold. Technologically, we live in an entirely different world from that of 1896. And on the political front we seen some major strides. According to an LA Times report, Francis was always politically active. He voted for Franklin Roosevelt in the 1930s and this fall he cast his vote to elect Barack Obama as the first African American President of the United States.

In an interview after Obama’s victory, a wheelchair-bound Francis said he felt like jumping up and down. “For people who say voting doesn’t matter, I think that’s crazy,” he said.

We appreciate the struggles this man and many others of his time had to endure to make all of this possible, and we will never forget it.



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  • Ermy Erm (Chitown til it go DOWN, even though its cold as FUGGIES outside!)

    Holy Crap @ 112 years old. i dont know if i wanna live to that age

  • Re

    Amazing…this man has lived through the crucial years of the development of our country.

    It must be sad to see all of your family and friends pass though.

  • pm

    I know he sen things that would scare us all

  • lindy

    damn R.I.P old man

  • v-fromRock

    He’s 112????? He looks like someone in their 80’s, R.I.P soldier.

  • OH LAWDY!!!!

    diva that aint right, but hey i will just start calling you anna nicole!!!!!!


    RIP my brotha…….

  • Baby Girl

    OMG!……..(tear drops)….R.I.P.

  • Nina Knows

    He doesnt look a day over 75!!

    Damn black really dont crack.

  • Nina Knows

    Morning Purpple!!

    I seen this on Yahoo news yesterday. He has lived thru 3 centuries. 4 yrs in 19th century, 100yrs in 20th century, and 8yrs in the 21st century.

    I wonder did he do any rituals or take vitamins or damn what was his secret… or was it just blessings of a good life.

  • OH LAWDY!!!!

    hey purp hey nina~!~~

  • Sit yo five dollar ass down before I make some change ( IMA .....A Diva!!!)

    That is so amazing to me….God bless his soul…


    Hey Nina!!!
    how are you today?
    I really would love to have a long conversation with him to find out some of the things he’s seen and find out them rituals and vitamins too if he took any girl


    hey Lawdy 🙂

  • steak sauce the adopted sauce child

    and their damn statistics say white folks outlive black folks… gtfoh with them damn statistics!

  • JUJU


  • Hotstuff

    Nice to know black ppl make it to see that age…

  • PhillyGrownWoman

    r.i.p. pop-pop


    amen Nina, i aint never seen nothing more demon or reptilian lookin than an old azz white person…sorry whitey!

  • Nina Knows

    Purpple.. lol

    When they get old their skin starts to looks like pasty scales… super reptillian.

    White people ARE the devil, there is a reason they are genticallly, the only race that “exclusively” produces blue eyes and blonde hair. …

  • ThatBKChick

    Sac-town is really in mourning of his loss…here in Oakland my Pastor just did a sermon on Mr.Francis and living a good life and not harboring hate will allow you to live as long as Mr. Francis….RIP young man! YES! They said he had the mind and soul of a young man.

    This is strange, I just saw the Curious Case of Benjamin Button and I was wondering that Mr.Francis must had been like in his younger days!! GO SEE THE MOVIE YALL!! Taraji Henson is so worthy of the Best Supporting Actress and they need to go ahead and give Brad his props too!!!

  • Ms Christine

    This is history on so many levels. I know he could tell some great stories about his childhood. We all should spend sometime with “Our” Seniors. Just to hear what is was like for them when they were our age. The youth of today have no clue…

  • anonymous says the one who keeps it moving

    popped in and NIna knows…. you are right again, they are the devils and animals with that animal hair on their heads like wet dogs. Who in the hell would want their skins and those ugly ass blue eyes, i love dark mysterious looking exotic dsrk features anyway and they age real fast and even faster after trying to tan that ugly ole pale creepy looking skin . I was watching my girl cleaning a chicken to roast it (we eat healthy) and that raw wet chicken skin looks just like their skin!lol! later lady.

  • Nina Knows

    lmao @ anonymous

    damn dawg you right… their skin does look like raw chicken skin… rofl.

  • JAD


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