John Legend Plays With Himself at Birthday Party

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Check out your boy, John Legend, and his boo boo, Christine Teigen, posing at his 30th Birthday party at Lucky Strike. Whoever got the gift of a bowling ball with a geekazoid version of him inside literally shouldn’t have. SMH

More pics below.

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  • KC

    I like the ball…I think it should glow in the dark too!

  • spinner 22

    LOL thats funny Ill take the playing with self and potatoe head over the gay remarks anyday I wish you pick on her tho and her bratty azz no class or sass in that one at all have to put on New Years list stop hating on JLs armpieces

  • Re

    What is it about Lucky Strike that people love so much?

  • ThatTouchof Pink

    Why does Christy Tiegen look like a petite version of Khloe Kardashian in the main photo.
    In my opinion…

  • spinner 22

    Love the ball I want a personalized bowling ball wonder how much it costs Not with Jl on it tho Im a fan but not that much of one lol

  • TrueReligion

    I love JL! Thats so cute they go bowling for his bday….

    his girlfriend is like WOW gorgeous! Her face is like flawless! They make such an adorable couple.

  • John

    She is so pretty!

  • kristo

    I think she looks like a Tranny or cheap look a like Kim K I wouldnt be surprised to see her sporting bangs soon like KIm K

  • #7


    You must be a friend of John and Chrissy.
    So when are they getting married??? 🙂

  • MagMile

    I hope he calls himself being with her for some reason other than looks-because she is so unattractive IMO. Bad features and bone structure, and she really has “trashy steez” on lock. John’s a hansome man; he can do so sooo much better. Btw, let’s stop assuming every articulate black man who doesn’t wear his pants hanging off rear is gay. The real down-low performers are these thug-azz homo rappers who’ve been to jail and have a hidden affinity for other men.

  • spinner 22


    In his pre and post album interviews he seem to play down the relationship saying hes happy with just dating and not ready to settle down and has no plans what so ever of marring anytime soon but that could just be for the his female fans or he just keeping it real

  • dayg715

    i wish i could “play” with john legend….

  • PhillyGrownWoman

    thats his i was one for a minute, but that was my …….

  • kiko

    ugly people in nice clothes. he looks like a civil rights leader on that bowling ball. lame ass! John, stick to making good music baby, its what you do best.

  • Tealeaf

    “I think she looks like a Tranny or cheap look a like Kim K I wouldnt be surprised to see her sporting bangs soon like KIm K”

    Christy looks more like a cute Ewok…Kim Kardashian looks like a tranny with her long face, Kim wish she had a small face like Christy.

    John looks like a dork

  • Lisa

    For some reason I think she’s using him to further her career from that catalog she be in all the time and it ain’t Victoria Secret.

  • PhillyGrownWoman

    @Lisa: i think they have a mutual agreement. like me and my homie used to have; if an event was upcoming, he would tell me, we’d go & have fun, while fronting for his peoples, but i was more than happy to do it.

  • Pride

    What I don’t get is how is a so call brother going to bowl in a TIE, SLACK now see a sister what have checked a brother and told him how crazy that look. It is so gross and nasty to see his armpits all wet DAMN John you my boy and I don’t want to hate but you should have went home and change you got money dame the out fit don’t work for me for BOWLING! Now his so call girlfirend once again a sister would not be pecking a brother on the side of his head if you my man then act like it lets lock lips. For get the peck. I see so much wrong with the whole set up.


    I hope he saved me some of that cake….black icing=ka-ching.


    Black icing and purple icing…and sometime red are the bitterist icings….it is “Bittersweet” like Kanye West and John Mayer’s collabo song lol

  • K-mia

    his chick is really pretty…why is she with a gay dude tho?

  • chaka1

    i like him

  • BMW

    I wonder how much his gay self pays her per hr to hang around with him. i know he goes home to a big muscular man at night!

  • jandsmama

    He sounds like this at 30? Old dude trapped in Webster’s body. He needs to keep cranking out hits like “Green Light” and come up from behind that piano.

  • NB

    That girlfriend is tranny extreme those eyebrows those teeth.

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