Great Balls Of Fire: Correctional Officers Force North Carolina Prisoners To Rub Hot Sauce On Their Jailbird Johnsons

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Flaming felons anyone?

North Carolina Prisoners Allegedly Abused With Hot Sauce

An investigation is under way in North Carolina surrounding prisoner abuse allegations after several inmates claimed to have suffered sexual abuse involving wild snakes, bunnies……..and hot sauce….all at the hands of their prison guards.

via Corrections One

Prison officials in North Carolina are calling for a criminal investigation after inmates alleged correctional officers forced them to rub habanero hot sauce on their genitals, resulting in painful blisters.

In July, six inmates from Sampson sent a hand-written letter to the U.S. District Court in Greensboro complaining that staff had forced them to perform numerous humiliating acts for the entertainment of guards, including stripping nude and pretending to have sex. The medium-security facility houses about 500 male inmates in Clinton, which is about 60 miles southeast of Raleigh.

The inmates also reported being forced to gulp a super-hot “Exotic Hot Sauce” purchased off the Internet and slather it on their testicles, as well as being forced to grab and kiss wild snakes while working on a road crew and throwing captured bunnies in to oncoming traffic.

Those who performed for the guards were rewarded with preferential work assignments, food, cigarettes and beer, the inmates alleged. Both tobacco and alcohol are banned in North Carolina’s prisons.

What kind of fawkery do they have going on down in North Carolina?? SMH

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