Who Looked More Bangin?

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Actress Lauren London and Ciara attended BET’s Hip Hop Awards tonight in the ATL.


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  • tatas 4 life

    lauren because it looks effortless ciara looks like she is trying to impress people

  • ???

    ciara…..she looks beautiful.

    Lauren is a beautiful girl too but not feeling the outfit.

  • ???

    Oh and tocarra’s outfit is so fly, she looks great too.

  • Linda


    LL should have dressed up a little more.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-E19BUHusY Ms. Sugar Walls

    Tocarra looks good here, I don’t like the shoes though!

    LAUREN looks better than Ciara! Ciara, baby the slicked back hair isn’t you, ALWAYS have hair on your forehead!

    Lauren always looks nice! 😀

  • La. Finest

    Ciara, I was going to say Lauren, but I saw the other pictures of Cici. Ciara outfit look fab on her. Lauren look cute too.

  • me

    neither. boo to both ensembles

  • Jus Another Opinion

    I think both are girl cute but I like Lauren’s out fit. I think Toccarra looks pretty as well.

  • Jus Another Opinion

    ^^^both girls are cute but London has it in the bag.

  • Pinque

    Lauren is doing it as usual.

  • Dee

    Ciara hands down!

  • Lynn1

    Ciara look good. Whoever believes that needs glasses.SERIOUSLY!!! I have yet to see her in any picture where I can say she lookg good!!! Lauren London takes this one for SURE

  • http://www.wild4danite.podcastpeople.com Naw Son

    Bow Wow Lost

  • RED

    I see Ciara looks a little like Bey, she looks fly.

  • rell

    @naw son

    i was just about to say the same thing..lol

    i know 50 gotta be hittin that on a daily

  • Morgan

    neither really. both are pretty girls, but both of the outfits seem to be a little off. lauren’s too casual and too loose top. ciara with the dollar store hair gel slick back thing and the over-embellished look. too bad Tameka Foster is on maternity leave, she really could have helped them out. =P

  • *~*Ms. Tipdrill*~*

    ciara hands down

  • Hello

    Ciara got it on lock, on fiya!!!

  • Ms. Sugar Walls is Chris Crocker


    that dont even look like ciara.


  • kelis

    that is a big ass calf muscle Ciara got going on in that second pic. She looks very classy, but I gotta say Lauren because Ci looks like she’s trying too hard.

  • Cocopuffs

    I have to say that I`m not feeling Lauren’s outfit at all , the top looks a bit cheap to me … but she is a beautiful woman so that’s makes it all better.

    Ciara looks cute , and I`m feelin’ the dress !

  • Vera1


    I’m not feeling London’s top. They are both pretty girls. But I like Ciara’s look better.

  • BronxBrawler


  • Stacy

    Both..I can’t find anything wrong with either of them..

  • coop

    Lauren London

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