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Jay-Z, Beyonce and their big ass bodyguard were spotted in Nikki Beach yesterday evening. Apparently Beyonce & the Hov were getting a little shopping in. In other news, according to the NY Times, it looks like the Hov’s little hotel plans are gonna have to go on the back burner for a bit on account of the economy being f*ked. Thanks Bush Administration, ya freakin’ d*kheads.

More pics of Beyonce & Camel-man spending their copious stacks are on the flip.


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  • arjones

    1st! wow!

  • v-fromRock

    B looks cute and they both look relaxed.

  • ecualumni05


  • spinner 22

    I love what shes wearing still oing strong I wonder when they will have liitle hovas

  • jazi

    Why does she keep wearing that ugly azz poodle wig?!

  • ono

    Damn! bey looks like a hot mess! wats with her hair? i feel sorry for their kids already, cuz they sure are gonna be unfortunate looking.

  • OH LAWDY!!!!

    hey diva

  • OH LAWDY!!!!

    what is a topic???? i think that is a joke around here, as we stated the other day, this is a chat room!!!

  • OH LAWDY!!!!

    hey erm never to early for the moistness!!!!

  • Ermy Erm (Chitown til it go DOWN, even though its cold as FUGGIES outside!)

    LOL @ yall…I’m cool just bored at work ALREADY. Aint nobody here!! 👿

  • slimpickens

    It is nice to see a black couple who earned their money enjoying it.

  • Vee (its Bossladee if u nasty)

    Morning Peeps…

  • OH LAWDY!!!!

    thinkin about b’s bodyguard, thankin the lawd i wore panties today!!!

  • OH LAWDY!!!!

    hey vee!!!
    Well I am here with all the geriatric employees of the bank…..all the young folk is off!!!

  • OH LAWDY!!!!

    so whats the plans for new years ya’ll!!

  • OH LAWDY!!!!

    um oh ok, an old freak!!

  • OH LAWDY!!!!

    what you do vee, i have been here almost 10 years and still the low man on the pole!! thats ashamed maybe if some of these tight wads would retire, a sister could get some decent vacation picks!!!

  • OH LAWDY!!!!

    @ vee what did suzie do to you??

  • MWNY

    Hey as long as that bodyguard is in the picture they can post as many Beyonce pics all day.

  • bored

    @ Oh Lawdy– You can get your freak on at any age as long as you can handle it!!

    Beyonce and Jay look at peace and what matters to them is them…L.A. Reid and wife is there I see..

  • Bey is not a classy lady

    Why Jay is still holding hands with that itch. Wasn’t the Halo video enough.

    Its annoying me how Jay is still so addicted to her!
    Don’t he know that she is just playing with him?

  • Sunshine

    Where do you see La Reid?

  • OH LAWDY!!!!

    the old man is mad at me yall, i was so tired last night he ate under the 2 legged table and after my peak i went to sleep, so i am in the dog house 😥

  • what happened to my name?

    jay-z is so cute. he’s looking better since he married beyonce!

  • OH LAWDY!!!!

    which one did you see first, now waht do you see

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