Never Seen New Real World Portland Fight: Banging Black Model ‘Nia’ Gets Into It With ‘Johnny’ About His “Little Peen” He Admits To Having [Video]

- By Bossip Staff
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We’re tired of “black azz” being considered a bag by white folks. We like our “black azz” and do not look at it as derogatory…. despite what you non melanin possessing people think:

Hurry and post this! MTV is going to probably try and take it off the net once they find it as they did the first time I posted it a month ago. But while they aren’t looking, here is some EXCLUSIVE unseen footage of a fight that happened in my neighborhood in Portland on the upcoming season of The Real World. They shot it here in portland from august to november. Oh, and here are pictures of the people involved in fight. Below the pics I wrote out what everyone was screaming if you aren’t able to make it out. I would post this asap because i don’t know how long before MTV tries to have my video taken off youtube again lmao. I got these pics off Facebook and instagram they are on there too.

Johnny calls Jessica a fat btch on both of them counts.
When Nia starts joking about his “little dck problems”..Johnny proceeds to ADMIT by saying “I’ve already talked about my dck being little, so you can’t bring that up.” LMAAOOOO He apparently didn’t think anyone was filming because the camera crew hadn’t made it out the club yet.

Johnny accuses Nia and Jess of having locked his girlfriend in the bathroom at Splash Bar. Nia then tells a random person in the street that Johnny is “Avery’s mom”, (I’m assuming because Johnny is fighting his girlfriend Avery’s battle. She is not here at the time)

Nia tells Johnny, “That’s not true. You believe everything she (Avery) says, just like when she told you she loved you while you fcked her with a d1ldo! She asked you for your fingers multiple times dude. I sleep in the bed next to you. She asked you for your fingers multiple times because your dck wasn’t doing it for her.”

Johnny shout to jessica, (who is apparently crying at this point), calling her fat. He tells Nia she will suck dck for money. That’s when she says something like, “Well it won’t be yours, you don’t have a dck.” and “Jess isn’t fat. But you are always going to be a cook. You are always going to cook.”

In the second video…
Johnny refers to Nia as “your black ass”….then he tells her “to swallow kum. Nia replies with, “Um not yours, Mr. I only make 11 dollars an hour.”

Turn the page for the 2 other pictures we have of Jessica and the gorgeous Nia.

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