Mario Says His Mom is On Rocks

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Mario has a new MTV special and he talks about his Mom’s being hooked on rocks. Damn, sad to think when you buy a Mario album, about a quarter is probably going towards some rocks. SMH. We hope Mario and his mom win their battle against rocks.

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  • MYA


  • Jus Another Opinion

    ^^^^opened meant to say owned by white ppl.

  • SayIt

    Thats sad and unfortunate, if that was my mama id put her on blast 2, i hope she gets help!

  • abena

    umm, Ron G., I don’t know if you are slow and couldn’t read between the lines, but they were being sarcastic…what they said was that it is so sad that the money fans are spending on his albums is being used to support the mother’s habit…if you couldn’t catch the mockery or snideness in that then I don’t know

  • Mari

    Stay Strong Mario!!! I will pray for your mom!

  • Jus Another Opinion

    @ No Laughing

    I admire your honest. I wish everyone else would pray for our families as well as Mario and Keysha Cole families.

    I hope everyone understands that drug abuse is not a personal problem its a community problem. It takes a village to raise a child.

  • Mactanque
  • Jason

    i bought a tv set for 13$ from mario mama

  • chookyman

    this is a real nice web-site, but u guys r a lil too insensitive, towards people, yeah, they r popular and u guys do what the media do, but damn lay-off. Think about it!!!!!!

  • jon

    this must be a kkk website luv u 2 death.

  • me

    wow. that was quite disheartening. i have an uncle that has struggled with his addiction since before I was born and it is still tough to watch him continually hurt himself, particularly because of what it does to loved ones. my heart and prayers go out to him and his mother. it’s sad b/c she’s very right when she says her addiction isn’t over until she says it is. he is an amazingly strong person to be so young and maintain his positivity while he watches his mother self-destruct. i am definitely a fan now.

  • me

    also, he has grown into such a handsome young man with some gorgeous skin and a beautiful smile. i digress…

  • davis

    Keep ur head up mario and keep striving 2 be the best.

  • M. DOT

    That’s pretty sad. Shows that even those who seem like the most fortunate (money, fame, power…) have issues just like regular people.

  • Jay

    i bought a tv set from marios moma for 13 dollars

  • daria

    Wish her the best. Hope she gets the help she needs.

  • Myah

    Honestly… that is really brave of him to put this out there int he world. Like, i dont have parents that have drug issues but there are other people out there who do, and i hope this helps to show others are going thru this. I pray for his mother.

  • coop

    @Jus Another Opinion

    Yeah your piling up those frequent hater miles.

  • DANA

    mofo’s will do anything to sell some records!


  • Geisha

    Real sad! !! And anytime you buy the majority of a LIL Wayne, Robin Thick, AMy Winehouse album that supports their Drug Habit!

  • sunshinegirl

    Wow! That is just something that I don’t consider to be a laughing matter. Given, Rihanna does have a big ass forehead, but when someone candidly speaks about a parent having a drug problem, we should be there to offer support. Mario has shed the stereotype that he is a product of his environment by making it big despite the things that he has gone through in his life. Most people would try to hide this, but I’m sure he is using this as an educational opportunity to help others cope with this type of trauma. That was so played and not called for.

  • Issac Wilkins

    I’m gonna cop the Mario album so his moms could cop some rocks.

    I got rocks for cheap, mah. $20 a rock. Hit me up.

  • CubaLinda

    Spoke too soon…

  • lelo

    Mario is a special young man. I was only a distant admirer of his music until is doc. Keep your family strong brotha!

  • merissa young

    Mario, You are a very strong and positive young man. I have a 8 year old neice and her brother 10 years old have a mother that out their. She’s in and out of their lives, her 10 year old son cry’s all the time because he misses his mother, her daughter hold back tears. I hard to see them suffer. But after watching your show; they asked me several questions; they were under the impression that they were the only people on earth experiencing a drug addicted mother. Your show made them feel that they are not the only one’s going through this. I helped them; I can truly say you help Jamal & Jessica face the the world a little diffrently. Jamal had a better look on his face this morning for school; he wasn’t on shut down. They know now that they can make it in this world despite what they are going through. Both Jamal & Jessica told me that they are going to start bring home A & B’s school because they won’t to be somebody one day.

    I read some of the negative emails you received; please don’t pay that any mind….those people don’t really know what it’s like until they have walked in the same shoes. Beleive me I’m walking in your shoes…my entire family is. Hang in their and stick by your mother; she will be ok.

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