Hide Ya Kids…From Ya Wife: Woman Puts Baby Up For Adoption Behind Husband’s Back And Court Takes Child Back From Adopted Family

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Was the court right or wrong to side with the father and take the child from this family?

Woman Puts Baby Up For Adoption Behind Husband’s Back

A Utah family that was recently ordered to return their newly-adopted daughter to her biological father says they aren’t going down without a fight.

The family adopted the child when the child’s mother put her up for adoption without consulting with her estranged husband who claims he had no idea that the process was taking place.

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A judge has ordered a Utah couple to return their adopted toddler to her biological father after it was revealed that his wife gave up the child without the father’s knowledge or permission.

The couple, Jared and Kristi Frei, now has 60 days to return the 21-month-old girl to her father Terry Achane, a U.S. Army drill instructor. But the Freis’ lawyer told ABCNews.com that they will not give up the girl, whom they call Leah, and will appeal the judge’s ruling.

Achane initially feared that his wife, Tira Bland, followed through on a threat to have an abortion. It was several weeks after the baby, whom he calls Teleah, was born that he learned the child had been adopted and was in Utah, according to his lawyer.

Achane, 31, was stationed in South Carolina on March 21, 2011, when his estranged wife gave birth in Utah and immediately turned the baby over for adoption.

Achane is now thrilled with the judge’s ruling and the prospect that he will be united with his baby.

The family who adopted the child is also claiming that the biological father left his pregnant wife to fend for herself without any contact during her pregnancy 2 years ago.

This is a touchy situation, but we side with the father if he was genuinely unaware of what was happening and was looking forward to being a father to his child.  What do you think?

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